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Top 5 Weird things about you


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Hello to all Fiverr members!

I started this post “Top 5 Weird things about you” in some forums and it got a lot of answers and many laughts! lol So i thought about starting one here too to get to know each other and laught together. Also, it’s good to find we are not the only weird one on this planet. x)

So let’s start!

5 Weird things about me:

  • I can’t sleep without a headband on my eyes because whe i don’t have it, it looks like i see light even if i’m in the obscurity…
  • I’m afraid with anything related to eyes! So no contact lenses and i don’t want anyone to put make up in my eyes!
  • I don’t want to close my eyes while watching my hair so i wash my hair methodically to not have to close my eyes xD.
  • I love the smell of tobacco on clothings however i don’t smoke!
  • I talk to myself everytime!

    Yes, you can laught at me x).

    Would anyone play this game and confess their “weirdeness”?
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ha! I love it! 🙂

-I don’t like people being behind me

-I am 27 and still harbor thoughts of being a superstar dj

-I don’t like eating anything yellow

-I LOVE making sure I put my socks on before trousers

-It makes me really happy to see other people being given an award in a big crowd!

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  • I hate olives. I don’t even like looking at them.

  • I’m 100% sure Bigfoot exists. Aliens, probably 90%.

  • My thumbs are double jointed. The rest of me is not.

  • I’m deathly allergic to beer. (But, not to wine. o/)

  • The movie “Spinal Tap” makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it.
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-I have to do the washing up in a set order; baby’s bottles, then cutlery and utensils, then plates and bowls, then cups and then pots and pans.

-I’m terrified of clowns; can’t look at them on the TV, in pictures or in real life.

-I’m allergic to Sambuca but no other alcohol

-Once I start a book, I have to finish it no matter how boring or bad it is. If I start a series, I have to finish every book just to see how it ends.

-I have to think outloud to get my thoughts onto paper otherwise it just doesn’t seem to sink in

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Hello there!

  1. I cross the road when other people are crossing so I can use them as a Meat Shield.
  2. I can bend the tops of my fingers without bending the rest of my fingers.
  3. I still love Pokemon. Even though I just turned 21 on Saturday.
  4. I sometimes have dreams that are so normal I find it hard to distinguish if they actually happened or not. e.g. I’ll have one about telling my flatmates about my radiator not working.
  5. I need to draw everyday or I think I’ll forget how to. That’s why I came here to fiverr to get mini commissions every day! 🙂

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Reply to @sushie: That movie is why I’m afraid of clowns - it’s call IT here and the book is Pennywise (the name of the clown). I saw half of the movie when I was about 3 or 4 and never caught the end since it was split into two halves for airing on TV. I have watched the whole movie since, covering my eyes whenever Pennywise appeared, but that was just to know how it ended.

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  • 1 year later...

Great idea!!!

  1. I am a huge New Orleans Saints fan but have never been to New Orleans or have any family out there lol.
  2. I’ve never gone a day in my life without own a dog. I love dogs, but could never own more then 3 at one time.
  3. I hate wearing shoes, I am either barefoot or wearing flip floops 90% of the time, even when it’s raining.
  4. When I was a little kid, I fell out of a moving car…luckily it was only in the parking lot and I was ok!
  5. My first Valentines date turned out to be gay…we’re still good friends though.
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5 Weird things about me:

  • I don’t have a TV. The last time I saw anything on a TV was 10 yrs ago (in 2004). I have no idea about celebrities. It doesn’t bother me, but when I tell other people they look at me like I’m a space alien.

  • I only check the news once a month (for no longer than 10 min). I go to Google News real quick and just scan the headlines. I always feel deja vu because it’s always the same, just slightly different people and events.

  • Listening to the music of Javad Maroufi (Late Persian pianist and composer) somehow makes me feel happy and teary-eyed all at the same time. (You can find him on YouTube)

  • When I was 8 yrs old I was walking in a graveyard and I blacked out. The next thing I remember is walking, feeling so weak, and then noticing a trail of blood was following me everywhere. I looked down to realize I was covered in blood. It was odd, but it didn’t bother me too much - I was very calm actually and tired. I just kept walking towards home. When I made it, I was taken to the hospital and got 32 stitches in my hip and 12 in my arm but could never remember the period of time when I blacked out or what happened.

  • I like eating potato chip sandwiches. I take white bread and slather it liberally with mayo and put Lays potato chips in it, nothing else.

    p.s. Oh wait. I just pulled up a YouTube video of Maroufi’s music. Here’s a sample …

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I hate tomatoes, bananas, mushrooms, and eggs.
I have super long hair. (I can easily sit on it)
I actually have never had a job I didn’t enjoy, both retail and freelance.
I guess I am the epitome of a grammar n**i. I don’t catch all mistakes, but when I see one it REALLY bugs me!
I have 6 siblings.

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Pretty old thread, but I like the premise!

  • I’ve only ever worked freelance, bar an episode moonlighting as a waitress in a real hole in the wall joint. I loved it despite the awful pay. I collected stories and met all kinds of people. I’d go back in a heartbeat (the place closed)
  • In 2014, I wrote 200 erotica books. I now know way too much about far too many weird kinks. I stopped because I was bored. Now, I just have a sweet passive income. It’s not much, but I’m glad I did it.
  • I once told Sir Trevor MacDonald (a respected British news presenter) that he had lovely perfume on. I don’t recall his response, but he moved on pretty swiftly
  • At school, I used a toilet. I know, that’s not weird. But it was a special toilet that had been installed for the visit of Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth II’s late sister). Because royalty need a fresh throne or something. Nope, I got in there first like a filthy commoner. Take that, royalty! This was shortly after she burnt both of her feet in a hot bath by accident (hmm…)
  • I have lived outside of the UK for most of my adult life, and each time I return home to see friends and family, it feels less and less familiar. I fear I’ve turned into a Johnny Foreigner, and I don’t mind at all.
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Guest essyjoseph

okay, here are my Top 5 Weird things

  1. I like being alone most of the times
  2. I like travelling but i have never been outside my motherland country
  3. I cant sleep without watching an action movie
  4. I hate being employed on a full time basis.Was employed twice in two different companies but never enjoyed it. So i quit. I just like doing my work at my own time
    5.I like eating fruits than food
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Weird about me frankly is:

  1. I eat frozen food i love it/cold coffee (not that cold) but hot one when its cold down
  2. I hate everyone including myself
  3. I can not design anything without some ash
  4. I work in Lakme headoffice and i keep ash with me (High all the time)
  5. I’m a girl 22 almost and never had crush on anyone nor male neither female
  6. Ya i have a huge crush on Vegeta from Dragon ball z because thats the only cartoon i’ve seen
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Guest magy1808

ok…i love your weirdness people … 😑

  1. I talk with my fingers
  2. I m scared of midgets, clowns and spiders.
  3. When I walk I count my steps, so I always know how much steps I need to get somewhere, and when it is not same number it freaks me out a bit.
  4. I can t stand people touching and not placing my stuffs where I put them.
  5. I have over 400 pairs of shoes.
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Ok here is mine:

  1. I love most things pink
  2. I love watching reality shows and I am a homebody although I love to be sociable.
  3. I love to travel too but if I am to travel I would want to go when Fashion weeks start I have travelled only to the US. Yes, I love Fashion.
  4. I must do things a particular way, I am so rigid and organize.
  5. I love everything that is bad for me, pizza, chocolate, fried chicken fries, you name it I love fast food.
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And here´s my list: 🙂

  • I can handle ANY kinds of alcohol such as tequila, palinka, vodka, etc, EXCEPT WHISKEY (I hate whiskey).
  • I still like teddy bears.
  • I love watching dog videos on Youtube, I can spend hours watching them.
  • I don´t like to delay a task. I will do it as best as I can even when the deadline is still far. Because once I finish whatever tasks I have to do, then I can go back to watching videos on Youtube, hehehe.
  • I never had long hair until one year ago.
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