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Shady solo ad vendors giving us good guys a bad name!


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I dont know if it just me but i’ve been hearing all sorts of horror stories about shady solo ad vendors ripping off marketers(specially newbies 😦 ) and its giving guys like us “reliable vendors” a bad name,

I see many of these kind of solo vendors guaranteeing clicks and optin and dont deliver at all, i hope this does not start discouraging people from using solo advertising on fiverr, because strictly speaking for myself right now when i say “guaranted optins” i mean business and am not satified until i deliver as promised via highly targeted and responsive lists of suscribers in different niches as agreed,

And am completely transparent about how email marketing works and how i conduct business, its just a pity others dont agree to the same code of conduct :-(, let me know what you guys think with the current situation on advertising gigs on fiverr specially “solo ads”, thanks for reading 🙂

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