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Creating a SIX FIGURE fiverr business in 12months [discover how]


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The Hard truth about selling here on fiverr and anywhere online as a matter of fact

is that you may not be lucky enough to get on page 1 of search or enjoy free traffic ???

the Problem is not you but the system and even zombies understand no matter how AWESOME your product may look , you may never get 1 sale if one sees it. if you follow this simple guideline and know what you are doing, you will create a 6figure account here on fiverr with no hassle.

I personally use Seo but i will be posting every method here.

for any of these methods i will add three parameters (x,y,z )

x is the efficiency of the method,

y is the time it will take to get you 6 figures

z is the cost factor to implement method. i.e 1 for minimum cost , 9 for maximum cost)


i–>method1 (user account)

ii–>method2 (fan page)

iii–>method3 (facebook paid ads)


i–>method1 User

ii–>method2 (twitter ads)

#3 ->Fiverr (preparing your Gigs the right way)

i --> Fiverr Search

ii–> Videos

iii–> Gig Images

iv–> Title

v --> Content

#4-> Seo

i --> optimization

ii–> Ranking

iii --> The Easy way to rank

#5 -> Youtube

i --> Starting a Channel

ii --> posting videos

iii–> getting subscribers

#1 Facebook (29% conversion, 1year , 5 )

i User account (5%, 7years, 0)

you can post about your gigs on you personal facebook accounts to your friends and family

but as you can see it has little conversion ,about 5% of people who see it will buy. this would still work

the good side is that its Free.

head to ( http://fb.com )

ii Fan page ( 12% , 4 years , 3)

you should make a really awesome facebook fans page about your fiverr account.

ensure to keep it upto date and you will slowly grow into a 6figure Seller in no time

iii facebook paid ads (23%,1year, 8)

if you know how to use facebook paid ads, you can convert every single 1 in 5 visitors into an buyer

and that costs about 0.20/ visitors… so you spend average of 1.00 to get 1 order

sometimes less , sometimes more… you can mix this method with your fan page method to create a super effect!

#2 twitter paid ads (32%, 9months, 7)

i will skip this part , just the same as facebook. except that twitter adverts convert better than facebook ads and

in terms of twitter, you can have repeat customers easily and it costs less

but the down end is that you are limited on what to promote.

to open a twitter account ( http://twitter .com)

#3 Fiverr (43%, 2years -4years , 0)

SEARCH : fiverr search is a very Variable Environment.

it has the highest conversion rate

While some people get lucky and make 6figures from fiverr search in about 2 to 4 years; others dont ever reach 1000bucks

… the reason is simply. just like you are trying to rank on fiverr search ,other buyers has to be favored just like you… this is fair, i suggest you dont rest your laurels on search alone even if you are already ranking

Fiverr Videos : with no doubt at all videos help the gig convert more

the buyer gets engaged better with video and audio and he is definitely a potential customer .

he might buy that day or return later… DONT get it wrong , not all videos are good , poorly produced cheap videos can wreck your sales to as low as 0!

Gig Images

First impression matters and by far the gig image is the very first thing your buyer sees , it must be done right else

he may not even click your gig on search.


use Engaging and really awesome words… i.e Replace words Like “Learn” for “discover” and words like “show you” for “reveal” and “great” for "Mind-blowing"


the truth is that the buyer basically decided to buy the gig after reading the title and watching your video

but just for people like me that sometimes glances through the content before wasting my bandwidth on a video

you still have to create a good content in other convert every sell

#4 SEO ( 50% , 6months , 4)

practicing SEO manually is the most complex, tasking and time demanding operations and you will definitely fall into lots of errors, SEO is infact the only method that can give you 6 figures in about 6months or less.

have you ever asked yourself why seo sellers have the highest orders in queue with over 30000 sales / gig.

well you can have that same number of orders and in 6months and turn over 6figures.

you can rank on keywords related to your gig on Google and other search engines. if your gig gets placed on page1

you will leverage thousands of daily visitors for awesome keywords.

on average seo is the top on my list after YouTube.

downside is good and easy seo costs upto 20bucks to promote any gig to page 1.

you can easily perform seo today with as easy as 1 click.

for seo i use cloud psn ( http://1clickseo.cloudpsn.com )

#5 YOUTUBE is Number 1 and free ( 73%, 3years , 0)

the power of youtube is what amazes me the most… it has an incredibly high conversion rate.

you can setup a channel on youtube at (http://youtube .com)

choose a really good name

not related to fiverr username , then make and upload awesome videos related to what you do

and help people out… after each video refer people to check out your service on fiverr trust me the people will turn up in mass to buy from you

it takes alot of time to become popular on youtube but once again, if you know what you

are doing you will get there in about 3years or so …

a popular youtube channel gets an average of 100,000 views / video

imagine where 73% click your links and hit your fiverr gig…


The Best : Youtube Downside : takes time

The Fastest : SEO , Downside : costs a whooping 20bucks / gig

The Unstable : Fiverr search , Can give you fortunes but very unstable since the competition is tooo high

The Neutral : Twitter , with twitter paid ads you can convert cash into more cash but you definitly have to know what you are doing DOWNSIDE : huge capital and experience needed to run but awesome cash spinning engine

the Feminine : Facebook Downside : facebook is a great platform but for fiverr its not the best converting except if you plan to put in alot of money into ads


note : I have a really massive facebook fans page that may for now fetch you a few sales

and im willing to promote high quality gigs to it for free

i will pick the gigs to promote from manually from your comment below if you impress me…

to qualify

reply with an

AWESOME title , amazing content of not more than 100 words, gig url

I have taken alot of time to conduct this research so , take just 15seconds to appreciate and say Thanks.


Update Your Browser | Facebook


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the number of fans is not determined by how popular you

are (in person) !.. just do your home work , started mine in 2010 so it was way simple then and just incase you got it wrong it says " .40 million" Meaning 400,000 most big names have millions upon million of fans… 😃

secondly …i didnt post links that i own because i dont want admins to feel i want fans or blog hits… I just felt like contributing

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thank you for offering this interesting guide. Just a friendly question. I visited your seo gigs and noticed that you are more than 1 year on Fiverr. By following your own favorite methods described, have you already reached your 6 figures goal?

Your testimonial gig is cool by the way 🙂

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Reply to @happyspace:

kindly go to the MAP on my profile page, i have dominated 64% of the world… over 7k+ sales. multiply it by 15usd average sale price

then you have your answer…

also… just to clarify my seo gig isnt designed to promote fiverr gigs to page 1

so dont buy it for your gig. i recommended a better product than mine

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Guest omegacreator

This is really awesome tips and I must say with a detailed research before making this post.

I never thought of facebook and twitter ad for promotion but you just open my eyes on them.

Thanks for this wonderful tips.


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