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How to deal with Spammers


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As a buyer, you’re always afraid of who you should order a service from or from who you shouldn’t. This poses a problem since without you we that are sellers are doing nothing so I decided to come up with this post. generally, you might think that a seller with the highest number of sales and possibly rating too is the best man, but I bet, these guys will suck money out of your pockets. they’ve made it large, you could give them an order or two but, for orders you need cleared with ease, meet the freshers. however, most of these freshies are spammers so I came up with meet the average sellers with ratings above 79 from levels 1 and 2. like me www.fiverr.com/james10ad. I’ve got a rating of 98% and it was because somebody mistakenly rated me 4.5 once instead of 5. It doesn’t necessarily have to be me if you must order even if i recommend myself, however I believe I’m the best one on fiverr who’ got the interest of the buyer at heart. if you don’t order from me, since I’m not a spammer (proof on my review), and you mistakenly order from a spammer, quickly contact the Customer Support and enure you have proof of this in chatting with the seller. you’re safe if you’re doing your buying here on fiverr. again, be wise. do not mark an order as complete before receiving it.

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