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How to get a buyer for my gig


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I’m very confused on how to get people to buy my gig?

I’m quite new to fiverr.com, And I can’t get any buyer now, but if there’s no traffic on it now, there probably won’t be in the future either - or am I wrong?

I really hope to get some tips or something on how to start business on fiverr.com, because I did spend quite a lot of time on creating my gig, is it not unique enough, or what is it that i’ve done wrong?

My gig is here:


~Thanks in advance to those who wanna help.


Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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Not all gigs get buyers. I once started a gig called “I will make gun soap for $5” and thought it would be a success since nobody else was doing it. Well, nobody else was doing it for a reason, nobody wants it. Other times you might find something people are searching for but nobody’s doing, it happened to me with Teespring. Everybody’s designing t-shirts but nobody was writing headlines for them. So my gig became very successful, and eventually I was raised to Top Seller.

You also have to consider your gig picture. I’m a writer, so when I need a better picture/design I hire people on Fiverr to do that for me.

You could hire someone to rewrite your gig, remember not to write too much since people don’t read that much.

Lastly, to get buyers you must be willing to offer better value than the competition. Can you offer 24-hour delivery with every order? Can you deliver 20%-100% more than others? Once you get more reviews, you can make your buyers order gig extras. So instead of paying $5 for 10 widgets, they pay $5 for 5 and order a $20 gig extra for 20 more.

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There are hundreds of forum posts written with tips and advice for new sellers. You can start browsing through “Tips for Sellers” or “Fiverr FAQ”. Unfortunately many people start new discussions or ask questions which have already been answered hundreds of times, which tends to clutter the forums. So you can use the forum search box in the upper right corner to narrow your searches to topics such as “how to find buyers”, “how to optimize/promote gigs” and so on. Also, if you go to the customer support page (click the blue words here, or “help” on the Fiverr site) and you’ll find many short articles explaining how the site functions.

I did look at your gig, and to be honest, I always ask myself, if these traffic gigs are genuine, than why do sellers of those gigs always seem to be seeking help on the forums because they can’t make sales and have no traffic? The sales pitch to others usually includes the claim that all this traffic will surely increase sales. In any case, Fiverr is beginning to respond to the many complaints from FB, YT, and other SM sites about traffic gigs, since their terms of use generally preclude the use of traffic generators by their members. Still, for now the gig category remains crowded with sellers. So your problem is: you have quite a bit of competition, Fiverr doesn’t promote traffic gigs very much any more (for the reason I mentioned) and also you may find your gig suddenly deleted if a complaint ever gets filed. I suggest re-evaluating what skills you have and perhaps offering other gigs.

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