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I own a HUGE library of e-books about Fiverr


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I own a very big library of e-books and courses about Fiverr taken from all-over the web. Almost all of them are paid e-books and if you sum up thir prices it will easily go over 1000$. I am willing to share the ENTIRE library with other people around because I’m sure you’ll find very valuable info there, but, at the same time, I would like to recover some of my investition, so I’ll sell the library to anyone interested. It has about 1GB and contains almost all e-books about Fiverr that you can find on web.

I would put the titles here, but I own lots of e-books and it would take me a lot of time to write all of them…

If you’re interested in buying this pack of e-books and courses, please let me know. Also, if you need specifically any e-book or course, please post it’s title here and I’ll see if I have it in my library…

Also, at what price do you think I should sell it?

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Guest celticmoon

When you purchased these eBooks, did you also pay for resale and distribution rights? You’re risking a pretty huge legal expense if you sell things you don’t have the right to sell.

You also don’t have a gig through which to sell eBooks.

It seems you might be unaware of the Fiverr Terms of Service about buying and selling on the site, so you may want to go re-read it.

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