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Fiverr for Youtube traffic? What's been your experience?


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Guest unlimitedmethod

YouTuber since 2006, have 40k subscribers and 12+ million views.

It depends. Some sellers are using bots, that are too fast so YouTube detects it and takes down your video/channel within a week or two. I use my own methods instead, because I want to control the traffic. (have my YouTube method here on fiverr). It’s important to control the traffic and know exactly where it comes from!

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I think I should have elaborated in the OP. I agree with the above posters that discourage purchasing YT traffic, likes, comments, etc. as YT is really cracking down on that. Even if they weren’t it really doesn’t add to long lasting success (ie gain loyal viewers)

I am an advocate for focusing on your content first. However, after that, I was wondering if anyone has used marketing means via Fiverr to promote their youtube channels successfully?

Some examples include:

  • Flyers (having flyers created and distributed)
  • Blog posts and reviews (having a niche blogger promote you)
  • Facebook promotion (popular FB user promotes you)
  • Email lists (getting targeted email lists to mail out newsletters, links, info)
  • Twitter mentions
  • Radio airplay (for YT music)
  • Other (unconventional or unique Fiverr gigs)
  • Business Fiverr gigs (ie business plan development or strategies to grow your YT channel as a business)

    Thank you.
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this is the seller -social_promo- who cheated me , promising me to get 16000 youtube views. he did nothing and not returning me my money as well. after promising me 16000 youtube views this seller did nothing. my youtube link is still in the very same number of views as before just 200 views. now iam trying to get my money back. but there is no way to get the money back.

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