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Is Fiverr Taking Buyers Side ? A Serious Topic


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Hi Friends,

Actually Today i’am creating this thread because i have some serious issues here regarding few orders from a buyer.

The story is simple and short, few days ago a user contacted me regarding my social media panel (which many people use for their social media needs): https://www.fiverr.com/imreviewer/create-account-on-cheap-traffic-reseller-panel

He told me that i don’t want other payment options so i recommended Fiverr for uploading funds in my panel and the story begins he given me lot’s of orders and i added funds to his panel account.

The user i’am talking about is: https://www.fiverr.com/sharmoofers (Now removed by fiverr)

And my panel is: http://smmworker.com you guys can login there via demo account so you can know how it works.

username: test1

password: test

After all orders finished here at fiverr he used all funds in my panel and here is the screenshot: https://s3.amazonaws.com/fvd-data/notes/256439/1411355115-6PHBys/screen.jpeg

Ok then finally he did a paypal dispute regarding that Fiverr Payment he sent me here.

He totally disputed a amount of $90 (actually $90 is too big amount for a person like me, because i’am not a rich)

So i contacted fiverr that "this guy scammed me and disputed and all fiverr did is just removed his account is this fair ? Now who pay me my $90 which he used for free."

And finally a reply from fiverr after 6 days.


We are sorry for the delayd response. We will address these issues with the buyer. Please keep in mind that when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr, and that we want every gig order to be successful. If a buyer abused his PayPal privileges, it is something literally beyond our control, but our editorial team is already reviewing this buyer’s actions. Please note that we do not reply to disputes as its in clear violation of our terms of service. Buyers who do file disputes on their payments made to Fiverr, whether intentional or purposely held by Paypal for security screening must resolve those disputes in order to participate again in the Fiverr community.



So finally she is saying that she is not responsible for anything ? Really ?

so i asked him one simple thing.


What do you mean by you don’t reply to disputes ? You mean fiverr can fix

deal between buyer and seller and after work done buyer can dispute and all

you do is just remove buyer from site ? Really? It means all you take is

buyers side and seller can go anywhere he want like a looser if so then

where is security on fiverr ? A buyer come get work do dispute and yay! A

perfect place for fraud ? You guys should change your policy, for now I’m

looking for my $90, so better check everything faster."

I sent him the above message on 16th and now today is 22 and still no reply from them.

So what you guys think 😦 i used fiverr as a trusted partner.

Waiting for your reply guys!

Best Regards,

Sunil Bishnoi

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This forum is loaded with tons of complaints of buyers getting a refund via paypal. Not sure what you expect Fiverr to do but I can understand your frustration. No one likes to feel as if they have been scammed.

What solutions do you think Fiverr can do? They can’t tell paypal how to run their site or do business. I’m sure fiverr doesn’t like any more than you do but I’m not sure what action, if any, fiverr could take to prevent it from happening.

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Reply to @steveeyes: Hello,

Well buddy actually, actually what? the things are pretty simple.buyer ordered me via fiverr to add funds in his panel, i did, he used all funds from there, given me positive reviews at fiverr and bang $90 disputed just after 6-7 days.

UPDATE: Actually today also got few more emails from fiverr regarding “MORE” disputes so total dispute amount is now $170 pretty cool isn’t it ?

Bro i’am a middle class person and do a lot of work to get $170 but for fiverr maybe it’s nothing because they play in thousands daily.

But let’s come to the point, all i asked from fiverr is my money back, is it a crime ? i did my job so what’s my fault here ?

If this is the TOS i will create new account buy few services from all including you and after job done bang dispute ? Business don’t run in this way bro.

I don’t care what fiverr shit is but all i want my $170 back i will permanently delete my account from here. That’s the simplest thing i can.

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I don’t see why fiverr would be responsible if a malicious thief steals their and your money.

But it’s a theft so you can sue the buyer if you can get fiverr support to give the buyer’s paypal mail. Then contact paypal and tell that you were robbed and ask for the owner’s personal details. Then contact him/her and and try to resolve it peacefully before taking other action.

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Guest beccadex

I honestly do feel like Fiverr takes the side of the buyer, even though it is the sellers who make their site what it is. I think once the order has been marked as completed you shouldnt be able to dispute the paypal claim, in my case most of my gigs have a 5 day delivery period, if the transaction was fraudulent the account owner could see that well before delivery, and dispute it, but not after delivery.

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Guest ezinearticles4u

So sorry to hear about this, Sunil. Speechless… It is a classic scam.

I also thought that once an order is completed - and I even withdrew that money I EARNED - buyer cannot dispute an order but… Ooh, but yes, he can! I was left without my money, and all Fiverr did was ban this buyer. He probably just opened another account and found another victim!

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I am not sure which can be done in your case so I am not going to comment it in specific except saying that I feel very sorry for what happened to you.

I should also add that yes, Fiverr takes the side of the buyer, every single time. A small example, There are buyers who chose to not read the gig and ask you for more stuff than what is provided for the price of the gig. Conclusion: You don’t do what the buyer wants and you get a negative review.

I have had countless problems in the past and I had abandoned Fiverr for a long while because of those reasons. I simply do not feel enough motivation and I feel lack of support to the seller.

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according to me its a security hole in fiver , fiver should take money in its own account and should confirm by paypal that this money is not transfers is not a fraud on the other hand seller should give buyers data with watermarks or something which a buyer cant remover, like logo in small resolution, writing in the form of image with watermark not in the form of pdf, and when the buyer confirms the order just send him the original content.

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Here is just another thought on this. Fiverr already basically holds funds for 14 days as all sellers know or find out. Perhaps they could offer an option to sellers that would be in account Settings to have Fiverr hold funds for 45 days with a guarantee. If the seller chooses to stick with the standard 14 days and there is a dispute - Fiverr is out of it. If the seller chooses guaranteed 45 days, this would go past the date by which PayPal even allows a buyer dispute, so Fiverr could be fairly certain then that they get their cut and the seller gets theirs. If something does go wrong after that, Fiverr eats it which should be rare and fair enough.

I know a lot of people don’t withdraw their funds anyway until they have a pretty high amount to avoid extra PayPal withdrawal fees so for them, it’s a win-win. For those who really need or want their funds faster, they do so at their own risk. This is from PayPal’s site:

Buyer Complaint Process

"All claims must be filed within 45 days of the transaction or the claim will be denied."

Just an idea. 🙂

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