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Starting A GIG


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I made a mistake and started a Gig by hitting the $5 to start when in actually I wanted to tell the Seller that I was going to send more money. I was also trying to find the way to add money to my account…Can’t. I am new to the site and it is set up very well but it seems that I had some Senior moments and just cant find out how to add money. I need to send my Seller funds to start my project. Somebody please help.

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I’ll try to help as best I can since you have no answers yet, but I am relatively new.

As far as adding money to your account, I do not believe there is any way to do that. Here are ways that money “gets into” your account to pay for gigs:

  • If you buy a gig you are normally prompted for a payment method such as credit card or PayPal. This is, as far as I know, the most common way for someone who is only a buyer to initiate a purchase.

    -If you buy a gig and pay for it via one of the above methods, but for some reason you end up getting a refund, that money does stay attached to your Fiverr account and can be spent on other gigs. However, this can also badly damage a seller’s reputation if you ask them to send you a refund, so it should only be done if absolutely necessary and is the seller’s fault.

    -If you start your own selling gig on Fiverr and someone else pays you $5 for a gig, Fiverr takes $1 of that and you will receive the remaining $4 in about 2 weeks or so. You could use that money to buy a gig, but you would have to sell at least 2 gigs yourself to earn enough to purchase a $5 gig.

    So- the simple answer to my understanding is that to just buy a gig, ideally you just pay with a credit card or PayPal account.

    As to accidentally “starting” a gig, I don’t actually see how that could happen unless you had selected a payment method. If you did select a payment method and initiated the purchase of a gig with a seller, you need to message that seller and make sure you finished the process or they will be left hanging without the funds or a way to start, and you will be left spending $5 but not be able to get anything for it. That is where you probably need to start now, is by explaining to the seller what happened. If you did accidentally send them funds, perhaps you can work out a deal for them to do an equivalent amount of work for you so you don’t lose your money and they don’t lose money and reputation.

    That’s all I’ve got! I hope that helps and if not, perhaps someone else can add to this.
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