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How to regain works orders again due to absence in Fiverr couple of month


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Yah, you should close this account and start fresh.

Tips you should consider:

  1. Use excellent pictures for your gigs
  2. short and to the point gig titles
  3. conduct market research on what do you think the market lacks and start a gig on that.
  4. see what gigs are selling and conduct competitor mapping to see how you can improve on the existing gigs
  5. Provide excellent customer service to your buyers
  6. give buyers discounts or free information / service to gain their trust
  7. Use social media marketing such as fb, twitter, pinterest, linkedin etc and multiple other sites
  8. keep marketing your gigs
  9. post on the forums/ discussions with other users
  10. most of all HAVE PATIENCE

    hope these tips help you out. If any of you think I have left some points out feel free to add on. 🙂
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