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Massive Fiverr bug that is causing a big loss on almost 80% of the sellers


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are you guys aware of an major bug in the fiverr website? it has been reported by multiple users and fiverr staff refuses to see it as a bug, i saw this text in other forums where people is complaining about this problem:


1- after day 25 (january) any new gig that you insert wont show on search results (at all) *(unless you search for the username of the fiverr seller)

2- if you had a gig paused before day 25 (january) and you unpaused it AFTER day 25 (january) (example: day 27,january) it will not show on search results. *(unless you search for the username of the fiverr seller)

So resuming, some people still see their gig on search results, HOWEVER, even if your gig shows on search results it wont be ranking higher because the search results are stuck on the same gigs, so you will lose sales anyways."

people is saying that their are opening tickets reporting this but fiverr staff refuses to see this as a problem, even new accounts arent able to do gigs because those dont show on search results as search results are freezed.

Maybe if we all contacted them regarding this we could get it solved? for their eyes is not a bug because not many people are reporting it…

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same with me here, i noticed that i wasnt selling much on my old gig and that my new gig wasnt getting any visits acording to the fiverr stats, then i searched on the googles and i found a recent topic on other forums , i found out this topic and i checked my account and its the exact same thing here, i noticed a big drop on my fiverr sales after this and it makes sense because my old gig allong with my new gig arent showing on the fiverr search, im glad im not the only one having this problem,

before this problem i was getting NEARLY 100+ orders PER DAY, it happened that i paused my gig for like 2 days and reopened it again, now my gig isnt showing on the fiverr searches and im only getting like 3-5 orders per day, i WAS GETTING 100+ ORDERS PER DAY AND NOW ONLY 5 orders per day… this is really bad guys.

lets hope fiverr see this and fix it soon becuase this situation doesnt seem good to fiverr or to the sellers…

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the information stated above is right, i have opened a new gig and it doesnt show on the fiverr search, i tried to go to the “new” section on the searches and its allways the same gigs without any new gigs for more than 9+days (my gig isnt showing in there and it should be showing since its a new gig, i made this gig 3 days ago and yet it didnt showed in there (neither in the “new” section or any other section, its just not showing on any results, this includes any other new gigs from other people not showing aswell)

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You can search by any term on fiverr such as: “youtube views” or, “lol”, or “Facebook Likes” or any other search term you type in their search, if you got to the “new” tab on that search term you will see that the last gig added (the very first on the list) was added 8 days ago (CREATED 8 DAYS AGO), when thats impossible because on the search terms “youtube views” and “facebook likes” there is allways new gigs appearing like each hour, and yet if you check their new section it says that the last new added gig on any search term is from 7-8 days ago , here is a few examples

Click on the first gig of each “new” section:




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Thanks for the tip oldbittygrandma, already changed the section.

lefttowrite , what happens is that i get nearly 50-70 new orders per day, then i paused my gig and unpaused it after 2days, its now 8 days since i unpaused it and it still doesnt show on search results, i was number #5 on the ratings section for the searching term “youtube views”, getting 50-70 new orders per day and now im only getting like 7 orders around max per day, if that much, my gig still doesnt show at any place from the search results, and i have a friend of mine wich has the same problem with their fiverr, there is also a topic in other forums with other people complaining about that.

I tried to search in nearly 5 diferent fiverr sections and every section the “new” on search results shows only gigs added from 9 days ago meaning their search engines are not updating on fiverr.

Where you noticing similar problem lefttowrite ?

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Very same happened to me and from about 3 weeks, I didn’t get any view or message. I was int the first page when searched “Data Entry”, But now I am not even close to it. I dont know what to do.

There was a time that I am flooded with orders. I didn’t accept many of those and after that I had to even turn on vacation mode. But I dont know, since last month and till now. I am not getting anything.



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