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The 'Under Ordering' Cycle


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Hello all,

  1. A potential buyer has put in an order for my gig.
  2. Clearly the buyer has requested work done which is covered under an extra but has only ordered the basic gig.
  3. I have replied, politefully and helpfully, pointing this out and why the extra is necessary.
  4. I have suggested that either the buyer orders the extra or we should mutually cancel.
  5. No reply as yet.

    My question is this for the fiverr sellers community:

    At what stage should I take other action and what should it be? Should I just cancel at some point? Refer to CS? What’s the best route if the buyer makes no further contact?

    Thanks all!


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Hey @creativelycandi. I’ve experienced what you described many times and the action I take usually depends on how I’m feeling at the time.

Here are three options:

  1. Request to cancel the order if you the buyer has still not responded within a day or so. I believe the cancellation has to be mutually agreed upon by both buyer and seller… unless you get customer support involved.

  2. Deliver the order with only the service that your basic gig covers. In other words, give them what they paid for, not what they requested. Eg. Buyer orders my basic testimonial gig (50 word script), but they send me a 100 word script and want music added to the video. I might choose to record the first 50 words of the script with no music and deliver the order with a message explaining why I didn’t record the full script.

  3. If I don’t have a lot of other projects at the time and I’m feeling generous, I might just complete the gig as requested and deliver to buyer with a request that they pay for the upgrade. If I choose this option, I don’t hassle them about the extra payment. If they pay, great… if not, I just consider it as an opportunity to sharpen my skills, build my portfolio, and do something nice for a stranger.

    Another option similar to #3 is to deliver the order with some sort of watermark or low resolution version and with a message that tells the buyer you will send the non watermarked version upon receiving full payment.

    Hope that helps.


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