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I m new to fiverr


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Search the buyer requests daily and make offers on the ones that most closely match what you offer. It would also help to have a strong gig description and promo video to help separate you from the pack.

Additionally, look at what most of the buyer requests seem to be asking for and create new gigs that match their requests.

Hope that helps.



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Guest celticmoon

Reply to @amazinggraphic: Have patience. You’ve been here a DAY. Your gig probably hasn’t even been indexed yet.

In the meantime, read through the Tips for Sellers and Fiverr FAQ forums for helpful advice. You can use the forum search box in the upper right corner to find specific topics. Also, go the customer support area (click the blue words here, or click ‘help’ on the Fiverr site) where there are numerous brief articles explaining how the site functions.

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Guest amazinggraphic

hmmm i didn’t get any order yet…


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