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Tip from One Seller who is also a Buyer


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One of the things I read my first day on Fiverr was that it was good to put some of your initial earnings back into your business. Suggestions I read included using some funds for marketing, using some for better equipment, etc. I decided that I wanted to do that at least a little bit, to benefit me and to hopefully help other Fiverr sellers. The first gig I bought went fine and of course I left the seller a 5 star rating.

5 days ago I found another gig I was interested in, but I have to be cautious with what I have right now and wanted to make sure I understood the gig well and knew what to provide the seller, so I contacted them first with a question. He never responded at all and has only 1 order in queue on current gigs. This is not a rant - I understand there are many reasons this might happen. I also wouldn’t question it at all if he had sent a quick message with something like “Swamped, back with you soon!” Maybe he has a very good reason for not getting back with me or for being slow, although I do see he delivered at least two orders in the past couple of days so he’s around. His average response time indicates one day.

The reason I bring this up in the forums is that I see people ask why they sell for awhile very successfully and then it begins to dry up. I do think version 3 and other recent changes may be partial causes and only Fiverr can fix those. I suspect that some people, though, get a sense of confidence from early success and good response to their personal customer service. That sense of confidence is great and can bring more success, but not if it means the seller then doesn’t continue to be as professional as possible and treat nice potential customers as valued individuals.

So, my tip is - once you do start making sales, jump a level or get featured, keep on treating your customers and potential ones with respect and value. If you can’t help them or don’t want more jobs, at least respond politely and/or use gig suspensions or vacation mode. All that said, I think most sellers go out of their way to do a great job and to be great at helping their clients! I sure try and hope that I deliver. Good luck everyone! 🙂

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