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Fiverr taking higher fees for higher priced project?


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So everywhere I have read the fee for fiverr gigs is 20%, $5 gig = $4 after fiverr takes their 20% ($1), but now that I am selling higher priced items, say one of my most recent ($90), fiver is taking 30%, how is that? So if I charge a higher amount fiverr is taking more out of my pocket?

A $90 sale should net $72 for me, based on the 20% model? But I am only getting $64, which is 30%.

My $20 gigs, only 20% is taken out = $16 and $25 = $20… this seems to be unacceptable to have more money taken out when I am pushing the sale and providing excellent customer service to my customers to get them to purchase high priced gigs from me.

Then to top it off, I notice over 30% being taken out of another $50 gig of mine? Only $10 should have been taken out which is 20%, but I’m only getting $32? So they are taking an additional $8 form me. Why am I being charge different % for different amount?

So here is what I am seeing in my account… on orders $25 and below I am being charge 20%, on my $50 order I was charge 35% and on my $90 order I was charge 30%. The system is not consistent and is costing me money and I am sure many of your other sellers? who charge higher amounts.

Is anyone else seller higher valued gigs and experiencing the same issue?

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