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How way to speed up sales?

Guest ahmadshohib

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Hi ahmadshohib,

I see that by most of the reviews you’ve got it seems you are doing a good job. This is my advice:

  1. since you are new on Fiverr and the competition in your proefession is too high, first you’ve got to work it out with the one client who left a negative review on one of your gigs, to make sure you have overall 100% positive ratings. Offer them some awesome fantastic bonus or even a refund and ask them politely to please edit/ remove the review.

  2. make sure all your gig descriptions and demo banners, graphics etc do not have any grammatical errors (some do right now). You can ask a english teacher in your country to help or even a Fiverr seller that corrects mistakes in text (you will find in Fiverr search)

  3. promote yourself every day in your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)

  4. last but not least… read every day this forum posts subjects about sales!

    hope that will help 🙂

    all the best

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@happy space advice sounds really helpful.

Additionally, you can post your brand mentions on some thematic blog websitesб cause now mentions are moving into top gear! Also you may create your personal blog, where you can post some thematic articles (your service industry news, researches, surveys, etc.) and articles about the services you provide (the advantages and results of using your service, special offers, etc.)

Good luck!

Hope, this also helps.


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