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When is good time to start selling on Fiverr!?


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Hi folks 🙂

I’m Nikola from PixelPies

Before posting any gigs, I was do some research about this site. Consider on my research, I was spot few weird things here.

If you searching gigs with some keywords, first in results you will get “recommended” sections of gig. But today I noticed that first in search results coming “High rating” sections. As a new seller, how buyer can find our gigs? With recommended sections, we had some chances, but now how?

There a good or bad time to start selling on fiverr?

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It all depends on your gig. Everyday things such as writing and business assistance, tend to do well regardless season. Designers and illustrators will have varying experiences depending on the type and style of the work offered.

Its difficult to explain really. Buyers do eventually find gigs that aren’t featured. Patience and persistence is key.

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I think the best time to start was yesterday.

Yes, there is huge competition but you have to make your gigs stand out, have appealing gig pictures, clear description, good keywords that people search for. You will have to market your gigs 2-3 times a day depending on what region you are based in.

One important thing is to have excellent customer service skills. your buyers should come back to you and refer you to other buyers. That is key.

I provide business documents and consultancy for small businesses and my buyers have been extremely happy with my service. you can go over the reviews.

I hope this helps and good luck 🙂

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