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Have sales challenges? let's solve it together and help you make sales!

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Guest ebookcovers_pro

This thread is meant to help sellers find a more personal solution to their sales challenges here!*


ABOUT ME: I have been a freelancer for years offline and joined the Internet a few years ago as a freelancer.

I just joined fiverr.com about 7 days now and I have made 14 sales till date.

My sales and progress was not a fluke or by chance, it’s a planned and focused knowledge based action from the very start. And that’s why I have such awesome Reviews from my buyers(check my account through my forum signature.) 🙂


So, if you have been a seller for quite some time on fiverr and haven’t been making any sales at all, even though you have over 1000 views and impressions, but you still don’t have an inquiry; not to talk of an order.

Then this is the place for you to be.

Comment below with your sales challenges, under the following headings but not limited to the points below:

  1. Many Impressions but no sales.
  2. Too many negative reviews.
  3. Too many Cancellations.
  4. Too many Late Deliveries.
  5. Too many Modifications.

    Make your comments as elaborate as possible and I’ll make sure I give you as much help as I have in my capacity. 🙂

    Let’s have your comments please and make sure you always come back to check this thread okay.

    Take care and Regards,

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Hi Tyler it’s really so kind of you to share your experience with new people like me who are lost in this big site

i actually joined fiverr a month ago but made my first gig just 4 days ago, i’m not the best out there but i’m confused and discouraged because i still believe that my gig is reasonable and have good quality into it and still didn’t get any order, i made these drawings especially for this gig and thought that this will pay off, but not yet

i really needed someone to help as i have no experience in fiverr and here you are coming to save us so let me ask you for help

i have around 100 impressions and 16 clicks and view but on order at all

my first sale challenge would be at least one order per day

i’m a digital artist and chibis are not the only thing i can draw for sure, but i wanted to start slowly, but because i have no orders i can’t sit and wait, so do you think i have to start opening others gigs like children books illustration( i love those so much ) ? or should i wait more , and do you think my gig is good enough ?!! could it be that my “description and conditions” that is leading people away from me ?

Also i’m wanting actually to open children books illustration because i know i can do it, and wanted to promote outside fiverr in writers blogs to have some attention to my gig , but i don’t know any , do you or anyone knows where i can find writers who need illustrators ?

Sorry for the long post

i would really appreciate your response and others and rely on it

Thank you so much 🙂

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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @fifikawaii: hello, I have checked your account and I will mention a few things you need to do.


    Your Niche is the same as mine, there is a lot of money moving around in this niche, only if you know how to approach it.

    First, when you’re opening an account as a freelance on a huge site like fiverr, you need to work on your search optimization.

    If your purpose or skill is drawing and children’s illustrations, then you should have a username like : Children_Illustrations, Illustration_pro, expert_illustrations etc.

    From the samples above, if anyone searches for illustration drawings, you’re sure to pop up on the search page. 🙂


    In your profile image, you did well! 🙂 But in your profile description, you actually failed to introduce yourself properly as a professional Illustrator and graphics designer.

    You should rephrase your profile description and use the one below or adjust to your satisfaction:

    "Hi, My name is xxxxx, I’m a Professional Freelance Digital Artist and Illustrator, with vast experience in Cartoon Character drawing styles like Manga, Anime and Chibi Style. If you need to create Characters for your Children Books or would like to create a Cartoon version of your Photos for your Avatar, Then you should Order my service right away! I Promise you fast delivery and Outstanding Work. Thanks! "

with the Profile description above, when compared with the one on your account right now, you'll realize this one is more convincing than the other. :)

Since you now see what you have been doing wrong from the scratch, you will also need to look at your GIG TITLE and rewrite it using the proper words.
"I will draw A Unique Anime Character of you or your loved ones for $5".
>>This title is more straight forward and focus based.

Your gig says you'll draw my photo as a cute Anime Character, but your gig images have some cartoon drawings that could be downloaded from Google or Manga's Website anytime of the Day!

You actually have to do the job and upload the samples of what you did as your Gig Images.
For example: Take one of your own pictures, a picture of your spouse or female friend and a picture from the internet and draw these photographs in Anime Style.
Now put each photograph beside the Anime Character of it and upload it. (That's the right way to do GIG Images.)

Let's take a look at your gig description:
"Hi There :)
I'll draw You, or Your favorite character in a chibi form with cute details and colors as viewed in the gig images
My goal is to satisfy you, so i'll do my best to follow your instructions
"PLEASE contact me via message Before placing an order and consider that"

I don't draw anything related to +18 stuff
I don't draw anything related to religion (even signs)

Prices for one character:
5$ for a black and white (or another color) Clean line-art
+5$ for full colors with shades and highlights (transparent background)
+5$ for a colorful simple background with cute shapes of your choice
You will receive a JPEG ( maximum quality file)Or PNG in 72 dpi resolution
+5$ You will get the PSD file

i'll do a simple sketch and show it to you, if you like it i'll go ahead and finish :)

Thank you for passing by


*I own the Copyright,SO you can't claim that the drawing was made by you or by anyone else.

*NO Resale unless stated in a gig extra

*NO Commercial use unless stated in an extra

*I have the right to use all artworks in portfolios, and for exposure purpose (inside and outside Fiverr),FEAR NOT as i'll watermark them and You only will have the unwatermarked drawing."
Everything about your gig description is wrong!!!!
1. You started out well, then you said you can't draw religious signs(meaning you're an atheist).
2. You don't draw 18+ stuff? Your gig was never meant for that in the first place(wrong distraction!)
3. "5$ for Black and white, 5$ for full colors........" you don't need all these quotes, your description should be short and straight forward.

4. You declared the copyright ownership to the images you'll draw for your clients? Why will I buy from you then, If I can't declare that I did the drawing myself? :(

5. You said your buyers can't sell your drawings of their personal photos?

Infact, you need a complete overhaul of your entire account and you need to create something new and clean, following my guide above.

I hope I have been able to clarify some points for you and you will be able to adjust all those points I've made above.
Take care,
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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @online_db247: i can see you have made about 24 scattered sales here and there. That’s Good! 🙂

  1. First, I noticed your English grammar is poor for an American(No Offense), you’ll have to work with that, okay?

  2. You’ve definitely bought into the “make as many gigs as possible syndrome”, that people who sell ebooks tell you to get involved in.

    Most of these ebook marketers don’t really have existing accounts on fiverr, they just cook up some shit and show you photoshop edited images to sell their ebooks and make more money off you!

    You should focus on one or two gigs and drive your targeted traffic to one place only! If you go to your owwn account, you will be confused on what to order!



    online_db247 means nothing to anyone, not even google! 😦

    So, when someone searches for your service on fiverr, they may never find you!

  4. You kept using “WE” and “US”, are you trying to mislead your buyers? You claim to be a company? A company that is working for 5 Bucks a Service? 😦

    Com’on most people get pissed off when they start seeing stuff like that on people’s gig descriptions. You have somehow shown through those words that you’re untrustworthy and they can’t take your word for it.


    In your best gig description(The one with 7 sales) you went from being straight forward to becoming confusing. You actually didn’t explain what you really want to offer as a service, so most people who check your gig description, just get confused and run away!

  6. SOLUTION: I have made good discoveries and offered solution with them above.

    But the truth is that you’ll need a very good copywriter to help you reframe your profile description, gig description and you have to reduce your gigs to at maximum of 5.

    This will make you more focused and help you build an authority in a particular sub niche.

    I hope these little suggestions are useful for you, 🙂

    Thanks and Regards,


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HI tyler, you are doing a amazing job here. really really appreciating your helps for the new people. and you deserve to many sales because your kindness :)>- .

My name is geeth.

I don’t know weather you can help me on some points, because you also new to fiverr. still i would like to share my problem with you.

I am one month old baby for fiverr and I,m new to freelancing also. from the day i started on fiver i used to read fiver blog and try to improve my profile with those instruction. before 2 weeks ago i got my first customer. she is extra kind lady and really happy with my works. up to now she purchased 13 gigs and will purchase more gigs in the future also.

i have 2 problems.
01) I couldn't attract any other. even i got good reviews on my gig.
02) I have completed 30 days +13 Gigs + good reviews. but still they didn't offer me a first level badge. i have fulfill all the requirement they have mentioned
https://www.fiverr.com/ levels
03) how did you get that 24 HOUR EXPRESS DELIVERY badge.

Many thanks in advanced.
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Reply to @ebookcovers_pro: Hi Tyler so kind of you to give me such a full of rich information response,i’m grateful to you forever

SO for changing my name, i’m afraid i can’t unless i make a new account and erase this

one, which is a problem but i’m definitely figuring it out.

And for adjusting my profile/gig title, i’m definitely taking yours and adding my touch to them 😃 , thankx they seem more professional.

As for the gig images, after trying my best to make them good, in the end i felt that like you said, they don’t fill the purpose, i have an idea that goes with your advice i’m sure it will clear up the gig to seller. so thank you for lighting that to me.

And for the description,

I had to be neutral in the religious side for a personal reason, (i’m not atheist at ALL (^-^")

I had to clear that lineart is 5$, full color are 5, background is also another 5$, or people would expect the whole thing for 5 dollars!!!, and will be misleaded!! but i’ll try to put prices in the gig image in a smart way, to keep the description more neat , what do you think about it ???

and for copyright it’s a hard thing to let,anyone claim my drawing as his creation, really hard for an artist 😦 but i’ll give it a thought for sure , but i may give the resale right to sellers after all )

Actually what do you about commercial use ??

I will take my time to rethink the whole matter in every sense and follow your GREAT

and professional advice.

In the end i give you again my thankies , i really appreciated your big advice, so

thank you a lot Tyler for your time and kindenss 🙂

Have a great day

Best Regards

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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @fifikawaii: You are welcome my friend. I actually created a gig yesterday that offers account rebranding service.

You may check it out for future needs. B|

Am glad you found my reply useful,

Wishing you more success as you rebrand your Fiverr Account!



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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @designer_geeth:

Hi Geeth,

Wow! I would like to say I’m humbled by your compliments and I hope to be more effective on this forum to all.

Looking at your comment here, I can see that your issue is that you have just one customer buying your gigs.

  1. First, I really don’t think fiverr would recognize an account with just 1 customer, It’s not new that people open other accounts just to buy their own gigs and if your situation looks like this, that could be the reason for fiverr not granting you a level one badge.

    They need several people to access your account, interact with you and give their remarks before fiverr becomes sure that you deserve the level one badge.

    And taking a closer look at that gig reviews, the time frame is just too close to one another and the client just keep writing long sentences like she’s trying to please or convince someone other than expressing herself. I hope you get the idea? 🙂

    I think you should talk to the support team on this issue and they should be able to clarify this issue for you. 🙂

  2. Secondly, I noticed you wrote over 6 things on your profile info and you created 3 different gigs that are somewhat not directly related.

    Your Gig Images also don’t do much justice to the gig purpose.

    I’m a graphics designer, web designer, internet marketer, business consultant and a lot of other things too… But If you check my account, I didn’t mention 10 things that I do, I just focused my account on one purpose only and this has helped my clients to know exactly what they will get from me.

    I also make gig images that are direct samples of what I do and it gives my client a simple idea of what to expect when they order from me.

    >>> Sorry to say this, but even the Fiverr message sent to newbies is wrong and completely against human psychology.

    Imagine going to a grocery store to buy some things and the store owner keeps talking about plush cars they have for sale!!! What’s a Car Sales garage doing in a grocery store??? <<<

  3. Express Delivery Badge is for those sellers that deliver their gigs very fast! Because am more into online businesses like Information marketing, web design, social media marketing, freelancing etc. Am always online for a minimum of 17 hours a day.

    And I always deliver my designs very fast, one hour delivery is the longest time I deliver my designs, like I said: It’s all about how good you are with what you’re offering as a service.

  4. Work on your gigs, maybe you should focus on that logo creation gig.

  5. Make sure you change that profile image you’re using, it’s useless to your clients and says nothing about you or your service(Though it may mean the world to you).

    Especially when you are using a “Client’s job” for your profile image… Don’t you have yours?

  6. Go to your facebook account and join groups of business owners, authors and internet marketers who will always need a logo design for their businesses.

  7. Post relevant and useful tips relating to business branding and having a memorable logo on forums, facebook, linkedin and twitter.

  8. Build a website for yourself using wix.com or some other free site builder like blogger. and use this site as a platform to drive traffic to your fiverr account.

  9. Design up to 20 logos and pin them to your Pinterest Account for more exposure. Follow people on all these social media sites and interact with people effectively.

    By the time you do all these above, you’ll start getting real sales and making real reviews and Fiverr would love you for it and grant you your badge in no time. 🙂

    I hope this little write up has been useful to you?

    Thanks for the compliments again and I wish you Success as you renew your Fiverr Journey, 🙂


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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @ksaebay:

Hi Ksaebay, I believe you can do more for your account if you focus your services on Social Media Marketing Service alone.

I can see your gigs are more about Instagram services and I believe that is a very hot market right now.

  1. Why don’t you rewrite your profile info and make it sound more interesting and captivating for those who are looking to improve their instagram accounts.

  2. You have to work on your GIG Images too, Getting a nice GIG image design for those gigs with an instagram logo on the images will convert more buyers than images of ladies taken from chat sites. 🙂

  3. On your gig “I will add 30 instagram comments for $5”, try to be more elaborate with your words. Your gig description should help you sell your gigs by convincing your buyers beyond doubt that they need your service.

  4. I believe you can really work on that account, since it’s just 14 days old and there’s a lot of potential for it to grow in the next few weeks before you get your level one badge.

    >>>PS: If you find these tasks difficult for you to execute, you may want to visit a new gig I just created to help sellers re-brand their Fiverr accounts and help them make more sales. Just go to my Account and contact me there. Okay? 🙂

    I hope this helps,

    Take Care,

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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @sonlightcity:

Oh that’s simple, Since you can’t add any gig extra until you get your level one badge, just explain to your buyer that he or she needs to order more gigs to get a particular gig delivered.

Example: If your service will cost your buyer up to 15 Dollars, tell the buyer to order for 3 gigs and then you can deliver the work and get reviews for 3 gigs instead of one. 🙂

Hope this helps,



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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @azoya186:

Hey Azoya! You’re a level two seller!

Okay, let me see what we can deduce from the gig,

  1. You are a content or article writer, but you still make grammar and punctuation mistakes in your Profile and gig descriptions.

    >>“My name is Zoya, and im a professional writer. I have written for yahoo and other. I have written 100+ professionally published articles, ask to see my work samples :)”<<

    ***You’re suppose to use “I am” and not “im”.***

    ***You have written for what for Yahoo? and what do your mean by Other?***

  2. You should edit your descriptions from this:

    >>"Perfect grammar and punctuation

    Unlimited revisions

    Thoroughly researched

    Unique and CopyScape passable guaranteed

    Jam packed with SEO keywords

    Search engine friendly "<<

    To This:

    >>"Perfect Grammar and Punctuation

    Unlimited Revisions

    Thoroughly Researched

    Unique and CopyScape Pass, Guaranteed!

    SEO keywords Rich

    Search Engine friendly "<<

  3. Adjust your Gig Extras:

    >> I will add 600 more words for $20 with 2 days added.<<

    Reason: If I can get 300 words, which is 1 gig for $5, why would I waste $20 for the price of 2 gigs($10).

    Instead, use this: I’ll add extra 350 words for $5 more and I’ll deliver extra fast for extra $10 >>24 Hours delivery (If you can do that.)

    I believe that’s all for this gig.

    Hope it helps,

    If you need my professional service, don’t hesitate to visit my account and place your order, okay. 🙂

    Best of Luck,



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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @safwan:

Thanks for the compliments Safwan. 🙂

It’s a pleasure, I just hope people could share this thread for more sellers to have access to it. 🙂


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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Reply to @tusharattar:

You have made 27 scattered sales from a 10 months old fiverr account.

Let’s get things straight here:

  1. Having tons of Unrelated Gigs on your Fiverr Account will have a negative impact on your account instead of a Positive, so adjust your gigs and make them related to each other, i.e: They should all belong in the Graphics Niche. 🙂

  2. You really need to focus more on that account that made you 16 sales with excellent rating.

  3. Make sure you delete those unrelated gigs and focus on a maximum of 4-5 Gigs on your Account and I assure you that you’ll make more sales this month.

  4. Promote your Gigs on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get maximum exposure for your Gigs.

    I believe you have a great service going on and all you have to do is to make a run for it and your sales will start to increase!

    Hope the little tips above are useful, 🙂

    Thanks and Take Care,

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