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A certain kind of power point? Who?


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Can someone tell me how I can get a movie style power point - what gig am I looking for? Most gigs want YOU to give them your images.

I have a video Im just replicating ( simple thank you video using power point slides)

I want the images to be made ( like 3-4) Which are just writing- not really images.

I am hiring a separate voice over guy. - Would I then have the voice over guy make the power point into a video?

thank you.

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I have a sample -my PP is only 20% different than the one I need ad I think its only about 5 slides. I have 2 of the images you need and I only need 3 more that are just words with maybe a dark blue design-- very light - nothing to fancy.

Oh- the voice over Is for someone else. So no need for that. Let me know - quote me. 🙂

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