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No Contact after payment for gig


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I have used Fiverr a few times and been very happy with the work that I have paid for and had good communication with the seller.

I recently purchased a gig and paid for an extra which was to get the work done in 24hrs.

I have not had a reply about the gig and there is only a few minutes left for completion, I paid extra as it was an urgent job I needed.

I am thinking that I should have contacted the seller first ? After having no problems with previous work from other sellers I assumed that if you have an ad on Fiverr and are willing to accept payment that you are available to do the work.

The great thing about Fiverr is that you can just go ahead and order your gig knowing that the seller is waiting for the work.

Should buying a gig on Fiverr be changed to contacting the seller first to see if they have time to do the job ? Why would they have an extra for the gig especially if they are charging extras for 24hr turn around if they don’t check at least daily?

I always do some research into the seller first and this seller was Level 2 with a 98% positive rating and been a member for 2 years and recently completed gigs and a 10 hour responsiveness and has 16 other well rated gigs.

As I type this the time has now run out my gig was not delivered, now it is up to me to try to get my money back and find someone else.

I hope you may be able to enlighten me about where I have gone wrong and what do I do now



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I always message before asking for a 24hr turnaround. Usually a seller that has the capacity to do a 24hr will respond to my message within a short enough time to not put my purchase out of time range. If they can’t get back to you the same day with a message, they might not be able to get the gig to you on time either.

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Hello Ryan,

I am also Level 2 seller, I have relatively high rating (97%) and I also provide some 24hour gigs. But imagine that you loose your internet connection, break your arm (or your family member) or you dont get a notice from Fiverr email system (which also happens time from time) about order.

There are situations when even willing sellers simply can not do the job in time because of circumstances. If your task is critical, ask before order and you will not be surprised and angry before deadline.

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