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4 Ways to Stop getting Cancelled Orders and Start making 5 Stars! PART 2

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…Continued from this Discussion in Part 1:



I know this may sound sort of psyche! but let me explain and you can then draw your conclusion from this last point.

Anyone who is an human being, a normal human being likes to be flattered. This is not an opinion, it’s a fact of life.

Remember how you always blush and feel happy when you spouse praises you or compliments you on something you don’t see as special?

Remember how happy your kids are whenever you call them “the best kids in the world” and tell them that you are really proud of them.

What about that heart-beating that comes after a cool touch from your little daughter with the words “I love you Daddy!”… There are a thousand examples I can give here and I can even write a whole book with this point. 🙂

So, you now see my point, right? 🙂

Flattering your client or buyer honestly will always make him or her want to help you become a success story and come back for more of your cool motivational words.

I use very outstanding words for each of my clients and they are just swept off their feet instantly.

Now, let’s be clear about something here, if you do a crack job for a client and start begging the client or buyer to please give you 5 Stars for your substandard job because it helps you stay in college or due to some other lame excuse, this point won’t do anything to the buyer.

What am trying to pass across is that you need to be an expert in what you do and then learn how to relate amazingly with people… With these skills and attitude, you will never have a 4.9 Star rating!

I’ve been into offline freelancing for years now and I always get involved once in a while with hot headed clients who will give you so much pressure, you will almost burst!

But this experience is what made me what I am today, as I have been able to read Motivational and Human relation books from great Authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Dr Ben Carson, Dale Carnegie, Tim Lavender, Harry Lorayne, Brian Tracy, Donald Trumph, Dan Benson and a whole lot of other great writers out there!


Here’s a quick list of the points mentioned in this Article.

  1. Be good at what you do.
  2. Answer all contacts from your Buyers Fast.
  3. Always deliver as Fast as Possible.
  4. Learn how to use sweet and enticing words to relate with your buyers.
  5. Be cool headed at all times.

    That’s all for this article, my head is burst for such long write-up straight from my heart! {hmm… I have to finish working on my book 🙂 }

    Please add your own suggestions and points to this article in the comments Section.

    Until I bring you another long and informative Article,

    I remain yours, 🙂


    PS: If you need advice on your ebook cover, social media timeline or website header and footer banners, or you just need a professional Graphics Designer to give to an outstanding job.

    Please, feel free to contact me for a job sample and a quote. I would be more than delighted to be of service to you.


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