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Save time with DamnQuickPay™


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As a buyer on Fiverr, DamnQuickPay™ can make it easier for you to order Gigs: you won’t be redirected to PayPal with each order!

By activating DamnQuickPay™ you instruct PayPal to pay from your account each time you click the Order Now button.

*No more going through PayPal’s entire login > pay > approval process.

*DamnQuickPay™ will not charge your PayPal account before making an actual order

*There are no extra charges or fees when using DamnQuickPay™

You can deactivate DamnQuickPay™ anytime. Both activation & deactivation is done through your PayPal account settings.

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Shalom Jesseagan,

Lots of buyers are reporting problems viewing the videos. A problem that seems to appear out of nowhere - and sometimes disappear!?

As of right now - I can’t see any videos or purchase gigs? This morning it worked and nothing has changed in my OS since!?? Any ideas?



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