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Where is the Option to Report Abuse


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This is the Request to Fiverr Team

that to work on some Features which are missing from site

and very badly required

there is no Option where we can File a Abuse Report against the accounts,profiles or anything happening wrong

there should be Report Abuse option Available along with each fiverr profile

and along with conversations happening within the Orders

and when sellers are already Sending Refunds to Buyers

buyers only allowed to cancel Refund Requests from Sellers few times only

and After that Orders Should Cancelled Same time

when seller is Sending Refund

cos there are Few Buyers or Competitors

who are Just keep Cancelling the Refund Requests

just to Annoy Sellers and Just to Do Negative Marketing on other Seller Accounts

and some are the other seller Competitors, who are actually interested in Posting Negative Feedback, cos they are too selling same Services on fiverr and actually Pretends to be the Buyer

and keep on request Modifications and say Bad stuff

so If Sellers are Sending Refunds, Buyers should Only be Allowed to cancel 1 or 2 times

after that Orders should be Cancelled when sellers Initiates the Refund in Resolution Center

and there should be Options Available to Click Report Abuse to the profiles or messages and Conversations happening within the Orders

and there should be a Priority Level Available while Opening a Ticket in support area

that this needs to be done in quick or normal or can take time

cos fiverr support people takes too much time to respond to tickets

which is not good at all

if other Sellers or Other People feel same

then please post your comments also


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