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Tips to get returning customers


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90% of my sales are only from a few buyers. Here is what I’ve learned about how to create loyal customers:

  1. HAVE A GREAT PRODUCT - I know this one is obvious but it’s important. If your service/product is not too great, you may still get a good review, but that buyer will not come back.

  2. GREET BUYERS IMMEDIATELY - As soon as they purchase your gig, REPLY, thanking them for purchasing and letting them know that you are getting started.

  3. ADDRESS THEM BY NAME - This seems small, but it helps to build a good report and makes you seem like less like a stranger. Feel free to make casual conversation with them while you are completing the gig. They are more likely to return if they feel like you now know each other a little.

  4. DON’T BE SO RIGID - Don’t be so bound by your gig description that you forget your buyer is a person with a need. So after you finish the gig, the buyer asks you to add something that is not in the gig description…what should you do?? My answer: Politely tell them that it’s not really part of the gig…then do it anyway. Let’s be honest…it probably won’t cost you any extra time to fulfill the request and you’ll gain brownie points. I’ve even thrown in gig extra’s for free if the buyer sincerely didn’t know they needed to purchase it.

  5. DRESS UP TO FINISHED PRODUCT - Folks with buyers remorse will not be returning customers. So make the buyer feel good about what they paid for. Dress it up and make it special. Depending on what you sell, this could mean many different things. For example, after I create and upload the mobile pages for my customers, I make a really nice mock-up in Photoshop of their new page on an iPhone screen. I don’t HAVE to do it, but they seem to like it.

    These are just few things that I thought of. I know there are more. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you have any tips or questions. Thanks Guys! Happy Selling.




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