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What a Joke: Punishing sellers for order cancellation


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So I hear stories about the horrors of order cancellation and miscommunication on fiverr every few minutes. The policy of negatively rating sellers for canceled orders is not only frustrating, it is downright ridiculous and financially problematic.

Imagine you walk into a store. You ask the store sales rep for a product. He says sorry they don’t offer the product. Should that store be punished with negative ratings because the store does not offer that product? Ha Ha big HAA!

And another point: You walk into a store and ask to buy a product for $5 when the product normally sells for $50. The store tells you this product is $50. The $5 offer is for a much smaller product and it’s not available in the inventory except for special order. Should that store be punished for not carrying the product for $5?

Note this: You can’t get much for $5 on fiverr. Some buyer contacts you and DUMPS (I mean literally dumps their order upon you) and expects the job to be done. Seller says NO! And the seller is hit with negative ratings.

Only on fiverr do you get punished for doing nothing wrong. I don’t think other free lance sites do such stupid practices.

I hope fiverr will wake up and stop this ridiculous practice of punishing sellers. Remember that you need sellers and buyers to make the trade. If sellers leave this site (and many have) then fiverr doesn’t get the revenue.

This whole idea of being judgmental against seller is driving me nuts. I won’t last here too long if the buyers keep asking me to do stuff for $5 and then cancel it if I refuse. That cancellation still hurts me and I am not going to be punished for paying 20% fee to fiverr.

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OK thanks for your feedback above. I was nervous about taking a hit on my ratings when buyers complained about my work. I delivered all the work they asked for and got pennies, not even worth talking about. I wanted to cancel my first order but went through with it because I didn’t want to take a hit.

From now on, I will not do any gigs until I offer the buyer a detailed quote including price and scope of work. Only if the buyer signs and returns my quote with approval, then he will receive the work he ordered.

If a buyer DUMPS the order on me without consulting me, then that order will be requested for automatic mutual cancel by me.

Again, thanks above for your input.

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