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4 Ways to Stop getting Cancelled Orders and Start making 5 Stars! PART 1

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Guest ebookcovers_pro

Hello People, It’s Tyler here again!

So, I have been seeing a lot of post here about how sellers have been losing their ratings due to late delivery or cancellations from their buyers.

Though I understand that there are some gigs that are really stressful and requires a lot of time and intellectual energy to deliver. I still believe you can really stop those cancellations or at least reduce them to the barest minimum.

Now, since I am a graphics designer, I will be making use of Graphics Niche and Other Niches to drive home my points below:

Here are 4 Ways to Prevent Cancellations and Late deliveries:


    When you go to a shopping mall and find a nice store filled up with everything you need, but you could not find the store keeper, am sure you will try to wait for sometime. But after an hour and he’s still nowhere to be found; will you be disappointed? The answer is definitely YES!

    The same goes on everywhere and in all facets of business life either online or offline, you need to understand that no matter how wonderful your gig Title is or how amazing and SEO Rich your Gig Description and Tags are, if you can’t be contacted within a few hours, your Buyer will automatically start to doubt your integrity.

    I have seen a seller who got 3 cancelled orders because the buyer has sent a few inbox to him and he didn’t reply, because he doesn’t know what to say to the buyer (because he wasn’t as versed in the job as he claims to be.)

    You need to be an expert in what you do, this will always make it easy for you to relate effectively with your buyers.


    All you need to do is to always make sure that you quickly send a reply to your client as soon as you see his or her message or Order Instructions.

    The highest probability is that your Buyer is still somewhere online and would love to have a chat with you(The guy who’s taking his 5 Bucks), before going offline.

    Even if you don’t know exactly what your buyer needs, you may easily “Google” his needs and learn very fast within a few hours. meanwhile, you would have told your buyer that you’re already working on his job.


    Here’s a tricky one and I believe most sellers don’t even realize its importance. Okay let me quickly create a “Scenario” here.

    "Let’s assume you are a Article Writer(Cool but stressful Gig), and you’ve got an account that says “I will write a Copy-Scape Passed Article of 600 words for $5 in 24 hours”, The minute most buyers see this kind of gig, they may not even contact the seller first, they just click the Order Button and quickly put a few instructions for you to work with!

    Now Fiverr’s Clock is counting and your adrenaline has risen to a high crescendo, you are about to start work on your order, then 4 more orders came knocking at your Account!!! CRASH…BAM!

    Desperation takes over and you start to feel disturbed, you don’t know where to start or who to deliver his order first, mainly because that last buyer who placed his order has informed you that he has 10 more orders to place after this one. At the end of the day, Cancellations and Late Deliveries was the end result!"

    Ever been in this situation before?

    Here’s the Solution:

    Although I used Article writing as an example above, this solution can be applied to any gig whatsoever, all you need to do is tweak it and you will have the same effect as any other situation on your hands.

    If you are an Article writer of vast experience(as most sellers claim to be), you should be able to quickly draft an outline for any article of your choice, no matter how extraordinary the topic sounds. 🙂

    There are sometimes you will need to make a slight adjustment to the Article Topic given to you by your Buyer and if you know your onions, you should be able to convince your buyer that its best he changes the Topic to what you have suggested in order to have a higher SEO ranking for his Article. (Prove your worth to your buyer.)

    Now, the minute you follow the first step above and contact your buyer immediately with suggestions and an outline of the job in question, your buyer will relax and start to flow with you.

    All you have to do now is to have a draft of your article and deliver it as your job(To stop fiverr’s clock), because once you have made your delivery, the clock stops and whatever happens afterwards is between you and your buyer.

    Modification may take days and you won’t be penalized for that.

    So, write a cool message with the draft attached and tell your buyer to review the draft so that you can start on the full job.

    Once you can hook your Buyer with the expanse of your knowledge in the Niche you’re working on, your Buyer will always be ready to work with you to successfully finalize his or her project within the best possible time.

    And you will always have great 5 Star ratings all the time! 🙂


    This point is also a winner when it comes to human interactions and relationship.

    So many Sellers here make it to the top purposely because they know how to relate extremely well with others, especially their Clients. 🙂

    As a graphics designer, I create different folders for my clients and always keep a close eye on our conversations.

    This singular move has helped me to flow consistently with my client’s and gain their trust within a few minutes of relating with them online and offline.

    Some sellers are just too boring to relate with(Apologies to those who fall in this Category.), but the truth has to be told. If you really want to improve your conversion rate on fiverr or even offline, you have to learn how to relate with people effectively.

    Remember you like that Flourist who asks about the wellness of your wife and kids all the time, than that smug who just answers you like a log of wood when you throw a nice greeting his way.

    So, keep tabs on your client’s improvements and they will always be happy to work with you and give you the best of review! 🙂



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