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3 Great Ways to Make your Seller Over Deliver

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Hello People,

Today I want to share some more interesting tips for buyers to take note of when they are having a conversation with their respective sellers.

According to the rule of nature, we are all created to have higher interest in our success than that of others.

Let me elucidate, In Dale Carnegie’s Book “How to win Friends and Influence People”, He rightly explained the concept of self-satisfaction and human precision.

For example, when one of my buyers contacted me about my Ecover Design and Website Header creation service, She had a mountain of questions to ask because she did not want to waste her money paying the wrong person.

Because she is more interested in what she wants to have (Quality) and I am more interested in what am going to gain (4 bucks and A good Rating), we were able to reach a common ground and now I have done 3 jobs for her with a 5 days old account.

What I’m trying to pass across to buyers of all kinds of gigs is that you need to have 3 things in mind when you want to make inquiries about a gig or when you’re actually placing your Order.

Below are these 3 Factors,


    This first point may look like a normal idea, but if you look at most gig cancellations on fiverr or any other freelance site, you will realize that some buyers just click on the “ORDER NOW” button, write down a few boring instructions and disappear into thin air!

    This situation confuses a seller and if he wants to contact the buyer to clarify some of the points in his instructions, the buyer becomes a little hostile because it seems like the seller is wasting his time for a 5 Dollar quickie… Automatically, the eventual break down of communication leads to cancellation and a waste of useful time for both party.

    So, if you can afford to be really nice to your seller, please do… and you will be surprised at what politeness does to people. 🙂


    The best sellers on fiverr or anywhere online and offline are those who love what they do. A Talented actor will go all the way to perform wonderful stunts in his movies and this will be to the delight of the Movie Director, Producer and most especially the viewing audience.

    With a talented seller, you will become a “Nudge Buyer” A term I saw fiverr use for one of my buyers 🙂*

    and If you guys can always strike a balance, you can even negotiate services and reduce your initial cost or expenses.

    So, getting a really talented Seller is Important and this will give you an opportunity to get access to the best possible hands-on-experience on fiverr. 🙂


    Now I know a lot of who will read this may be thinking this guy is crazy! But from experience, I tend to find Buyers or Clients who love to negotiate as the most reasonable people on earth.

    If a seller is actually very intelligent he or she may get more orders from you than you actually plan, but you will also get more value for your money.

    In a situation where you need voice over service and also a video animation created for you, you may actually be trying to negotiate with your Voice Over Seller and discover that he also creates Video Animation but have not added it to his Gigs.

    This same situation happened to me a few days ago when one of my Buyers(Turned Client on Fiverr) just made mention if I offer Website Headers and Banners. At that time I didn’t have them as part of my gig, but when she insisted I had to adjust my gig title and description to accommodate these new offers.

    Now she can save time and money by placing her orders all in one place.

    Bottom Line, negotiating with your sellers may make the seller feel happy and important, especially when you are conversing with an bright and cheerful fellow and you have followed the first 2 steps above.

    You will realize that there are a lot of sellers out here on fiverr that are involved in quite a number of things, but joined fiverr as another great way of meeting great people.

    I believe with these 3 Factors and Steps in Place, you will be amazed at how much friendship you can possibly build on a five Dollar relationship.

    Until I bring you more tips for a successful fiverr experience,

    Regards, 🙂


    PS: You may check out my Fast Growing Fiverr Account to see how these factors have been helping me positively even as a seller and the Awesome Buyer Reviews! 🙂

    Click on my link below to pay my office a visit! winks 🙂


    PPS: If you have more points to add to the ones above please do and am sure someone will benefit from it.

    Thanks! 🙂


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