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We need a drag and drop delivery upload window please!


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It is a pain in the neck sometime to upload the delivery item to buyers, browsing the computer for the artwork/image then upload, doing this with several items can take sometime and cause frustration specially when the upload window freezes or doesn’t work, how about a drag and drop window that allows all of us to simply grab multiple images from computer and drop them directly into the delivery window? Also while doing this you might as well make a small feature to allow sellers to select the image that they want it displayed as a sample, for example, i suggest the upload window to be divided into 2 sections, the right section is for undisplayed items such as PSD, PDF, EPS, AI formats, and the left one is for the image that sellers want to display in their gig when buyer leave a review.

I think this will save time.

Please see below for an example.

Thanks in advance.

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