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Need phone call customer service U.S. based

Guest petrosianii

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Guest petrosianii


Occasionally my business gets phone calls from prospective customers. We have an automated phone answering system set up that records the caller’s phone number and the service they’re interested in via touchpad responses. The phone answering system doesn’t allow them to leave messages or a name. We use a script to field calls because we don’t get that many calls, so it doesn’t make sense to have a dedicated customer service person.

I need someone who can call these U.S. phone numbers on behalf of my company (Gnosis Media Group) and do intake. Basically, find out who the caller is, what company they’re with, and what their marketing/P.R. needs are. I need someone to feel them out, find out how “warm” they are in terms of sales, and then pass along the intel to me. You don’t have to do any selling; just a basic intake call. I could do it myself, but I hate talking on the phone. And I have even more calling total strangers. So, I need someone who likes doing this and is good at doing this, and who has a good phone voice and rapport. Preference will go to U.S. sellers.

Any Fiverrs out there with a gig that can accommodate this?


Eric Bryant

Gnosis Media Group

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