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5 Secrets to Becoming a Fiverr Top Seller [ARCHIVED thread started in 2013]


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As promised, here’s my Five Secret Tips I used to get myself to being a TOP Seller on Fiverr.

Tony Robbins, famous life coach says “Success and failure leave clues. Do what other successful people are doing and you too, will achieve the same, if not even GREATER success than they did.”

That being said, here’s my 5-secrets to how I became a Top Seller

Step #1. Don’t be rude to sellers who might have ignored your instructions

This one can be a bit aggravating. A buyer orders your base Gig for $5 and they really need to order the $5 base gig PLUS your $20 extra for a total of $25. You gently remind them of that and you wait for an answer. And you wait a few more days. Then it’s day 5 – the day before you have to deliver your gig, and you finally get a message, “Hey, how’s my gig coming?”

Don’t get angry. Don’t get depressed. Don’t lash out and be rude. This is NOT what you do under any circumstances.

Be kind and courteous and remind the customer they ordered the $5 gig from you and they simply missed the Extra. Getting the Buyer to say YES to your Extra is surprisingly easy, once you understand the science of how the human brain is wired. Because we’re all wired to say: YES. Here is what you write to them so it get them to BUY the Extra.

"Hello (buyer handle here)

Thanks for responding. I’m pretty sure you wanted the extra service and I’m happy to do that for you. Most customers are ordering my base gig for $5 with my ULTRA package for the (1) $20 extra. It’s my most popular gig, and the one that generates the most results for my Buyers, too. If you’ll please order that today, I can most likely deliver this one tonight or tomorrow."

This is the language that sells them on the bigger $20 extra you might have. Trust me, it works like a charm.

Step #2. Getting GREAT feedback from buyers.

Incentivize your buyers to give you great feedback when you deliver your work. Offer them a 30-day round trip FREE tweak to their website, graphics or good marketing advice when you deliver the work. In my case, I told the Buyers to let me know if their creative copy writing needs a free tweak. 97% of them love it just as it was delivered. But they remember the offer I gave them. Free tweak or a free edit 30 days from now.

It generates GREAT results on feedback. and if you still don’t get a glowing testimonial, and they just say: Order Completed with NO feedback, it’s no big deal.

You still click the positive feedback button and say positive things like “Wow, thanks for the work. I appreciate the gig. Happy to work for you again.”

New Buyers will be scanning your work, and if they just see row after row of Order Completed, Order Completed… it’s not going to do much for you to getting a Gig. So be positive and say nice things about the past Gigs regardless if you get feedback or not.

Step #3. Dealing with Negative Feedback.

Once again, do not get negative and post a crappy remark on the job with a thumbs down aimed at your Buyer. Message the Buyer and politely suggest you mutually cancel the job and do a refund with a promise the Buyer removes the negative remark. Or, be pragmatic and ask them if you might have mis-understood the task and you’d be happy to do it over again. Once again, negotiate the removal of the bad mark in exchange for the more polished work you deliver them.

Keeping a high score of 97% - 100% goes a long way with Buyers when they go hunting for sellers.

Step #4. Understand that Buyers Judge a Book by it’s Cover

It’s not fair, but this is how life is. The pretty shiny things get clicks. The dull and boring looking Gigs will simply get ignored. If your gig looks plain vanilla, then don’t expect a lot of Buyers knocking on your door.

If your graphics skills are not so hot, then find a Fiverr freelancer that has killer graphics. You’d be shocked to learn just how many Fiverr’s I wrote their gigs for. They were good in graphics, but their copy writing skills were not so hot. If this sounds like you… then find someone who does great videos, great graphics or killer copy so they can help make your gig shine and stand out from the pack.

Step #5. Ask the Fiverr Editors for help

The good book has said, “You have not, because you ask not. Ask and it shall be given unto thee.” Which simply means “speak up,” and ask once in a while. I asked Fiverr for a boost in my visibility and I got it. Gee, that wasn’t so hard.

Now, I asked to be promoted to TOP Seller and this is not what happened, of course. I asked for a boost in visibility, so when people went searching for Writers --> Copy Writing. My gig showed up a little higher on the first page. That tiny boost in my gig visibility is what helped me earn over $1,000 in December. I needed Christmas Cash so I asked for help from Fiverr and I got it.

Good luck to all of you out there. I hope 2013 is a really great year for us all.

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Hey Madmoo… yes you CAN leave feedback. Soon as I get a notice the ORDER COMPLETED, I always eagerly look to the feedback. When they don’t post it, I respond thumbs UP positive and state a nice “Thanks for the gig,” kind of thing. A lot of Buyers are too busy to post thanks – which is okay. The ones that DO post comments are always wonderful to read and I cherish them all.

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Oh my goodness thanks for the tips I need them! Number one is especially good as I was going to ask that in the forum. I had one lady place the 5 dollar order and wanted it the next day which is an extra. I did ask for a second gig to be ordered and she did but that was not enough to cover but I did it any way to OD…then after all that she took 3 days to accept. I have a standard letter where I ask for a positive review if I did good, she didnt …no negative which is good but I wish she would have at least sent me a message on how I did. I am always trying to improve for future gig!

thanks again for all the good advice!

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Feedback doesn’t show unless it has also been left by the buyer in any circumstance as it is a response to feedback left, if the buyer then leaves feedback your own response is shown. Not something I would do personally until the buyer has left their own feedback as the feedback locks after a certain time period, you could be left with a situation like below (not actual feedback left).

Good call on Robbins, I’m a follower as am of Stephen Covey etc.

vpix360 said: Fiverr Royalty

We're all the same here champ, on the level playing field :)

Bye for now

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Guest expertseo1

This a good post, i’ll certainly work hard on this. I’m learning and i am not doing that bad also because i am learning from people like u

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Guest karmavision

Excellent tips, Thanks a lot for providing such wonderful tips :). I just got my first order.

Earlier it was cancelled as I missed it,

but they I gave a free reading to the buyer and he was impressed with the reading and I got the order again :).

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I wrote another killer topic for you sellers wanting to stay at 100% ratings. Go check that out and let me know what you think. Turning LEMONS into LEMON-ade is not always fun, but if you calm down, never over react, and be polite to the Buyer that gave you an undeserved BAD rating, I have proof that kindness and technique works to get you back to 100% rating with very little effort.

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Guest swagger125

Sweet… Thank you for these much needed tips.

Well, if you ask me, I’m doing everything you stated above except that “shout-out” at last.

Will contact Fiverr to have that shout-out.

Thanks again. =D>

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Guest celticmoon

@tntraducoes, @eddieo2001

This is an old thread, mostly written 18 months ago. To answer your questions (“how to ask for a boost…”, “how can I contact…”), use the forum search engine in the upper right hand corner. Your questions have been asked and answered multiple times, and it would make more sense to read more up-to-date posts, since this one was started long before this version of Fiverr came into being.

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Guest alex_angelo

Never Prompted to TRS 😦

All Criteria is filled, asked 4 - 5 times but not happened anything …

High Sales , Lot of Positive Feedback with 5 stars.

I don’t know what I should I do 😦

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Thanks! Really awesome and practical stuff. I agree that having good Image or Promo video is really indispensable to become a top seller. So, if you yourself cannot do that you can always hire some who are great at Photoshop and Graphics skills. Because buyer will stop at your gig only if you have first impression right. I my self used attractive images, being a Photoshop artist I know the impact a good image can have on your prospective buyer. You might have heard Images speak louder than words!

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