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My Fiverr Story For Your Benefit, Goal Of 1000$ Per Month... Read Here!


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Hello Guys & Gals,

I think you could learn something and get motivated to start the Real Game on Fiverr from my story. So here we go.

★Name: Shyam Chathuranga.

★Username: http://www.fiverr.com/scorpiondark

★Age: 17 Years.

★Areas Of Knowledge: Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, HTML, CSS, Gaming.


★Years Of Experience: 4+ Years(Since 2008)

Ok Now you know about who I am. 🙂 I have started Fiverr since 11th of November 2011. Yeah I celebrated my 1st Year anniversary on Fiverr as a successful Seller. When I was started, I haven’t any knowledge about Fiverr. So I followed the below process.

✔️ I have read the Fiverr TOS.

✔️ I have read the Fiverr Levels.

✔️ I started to read Fiverr Official Blog.

✔️ I joined the LinkedIn Group of Fiverr.

✔️ I searched about Fiverr on Google. Learned so many Tips from other sellers.

Right now, I know so much of things about Fiverr and I’m looking to create an eBook in a coming day. 😃

As I’m a 17Year old guy I currently go school, So I’m playing a very hard game with Fiverr and other things 😉 Actually I started Fiverr in Real Seller Mode in August. I was promoted to Fiverr Level 1 two or three times before August.

I was busy with my studies much in the time frame of January to July, And then I started Fiverr in the Real Mode I said before. Anyway just after the month August, I was promoted to Fiverr Level 2 and I remember it took only a one month to achieve it.

The lucky thing which happened to me is, I was promoted to Fiverr Level 2 when I got only 48 Orders not 50 😉 😉 And That’s because, I’ve got 8 orders at the same time from my 1st Top Customer. Anyhow She spent more than 100$ for me including 2 or 3 25$ Tips she gave to me. 😃

I need to thank her here for that. She is TwitrMom!

I still dealing with her, because I didn’t break her Trust on me. Below is a message I got from one of my customer for my Honest. 🙂

Thank you I been getting flooded with reply and your the first one that not only honest but made a solid suggestion. Tell me which one of your gig I should start with? I can't tell you how much I appreciate someone that reply back with such honest and insight or a path.

★★★So Always Be Professional, Honest For Your Customer.★★★

Ok let's see my success on Fiverr after the Real Mode on August ;)

★1. July - Just only 8$ revenue. :O
★2. August - 20$ (Started to promoting very hardly my gigs)
★3. September - 28$ (Yeah Rising, see the next month)
★4. October - 203$ (3 here because I needed to purchase something for my customer to deliver)
★5. November - 155$ Still Only 14Days!! (5 here because I had to buy another thing for my customer)

My Goal for the month November is to earn over 370$. So to achieve this goal, I need to get 30 Sales on this time frame(10th - 20th). See my screenshot also.

http://FRAGGLESROCK.com/ I think you guys learned something from my story. What's your success story on Fiverr..?

All The Best For All The Sellers.
Shyam - WordPress SEO Guy

Sheriff's Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.
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Hey bud, thanks for sharing such a motivating story. 🙂

I have a query though. One of your gigs is reselling someone else’s ebook where you sell by stating how much it’d cost to buy from the owner directly & that it’s only $5 from you here. Is that sort of thing definitely cool with Fiverr? I’m relatively new to gigs here so it seems a little dodgy to me. 😕

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Guest tn5rr2012

I love to read about great young minds and how he is trying to expand. With this kind of thinking he will go far in life. Good luck and keep up the great work

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