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One of the Most Extremely Important Things to Remember as a New Seller! (Or any seller really...)


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I just wanted to throw this out there for new sellers. (This also is a useful tip for those of us that have been around for a little while.) Everybody ready?


Excuse me, I apologize. I need to take my own advice here. Anyway, my point is, be patient. I’m seeing a lot of new folks, and even some seasoned sellers losing their minds for various reasons. Today alone I have seen multiple posts, all with the variation of the title, “I’ve been on Fiverr for 1 day and 3 hours and NO ONE IS BUYING FROM ME!! What am I doing wrong!!” I will tell you one thing you are doing wrong…you are being impatient. (Also, in an attempt to save the sanities of forum regulars, please please PLEASE read over the forum before you post a topic. There are plenty of topics already out there that probably do cover your questions. I realize you are a snowflake and probably think you are the first person to ever think of that question. No, you are the 1000th person to think of it and 727 of them have already asked it on the forum. Including me, because I was new once and didn’t know what I was doing. This post is in an effort to help you not be like me!)

Now I want to talk to specifically the new sellers on here. Guys, I hope I still have your attention. It often takes time to build a customer base. 20 sales a day RARELY happens overnight. It does happen, I will admit. But you will notice that when it does happen it is with something that is very unique or difficult for the average person to accomplish on their own. Then there are some categories where it never happens. These, often times, are the categories where anybody with a computer and a basic command of their brain function can post a gig. “Technically” they can write a 300 word article for $5. Will it be a naughty word written 300 times…maybe…we don’t know. It’s a roll of the dice. (Disclaimer: I know there are a lot of FANTASTIC article writers here on Fiverr and 99.9% of your are these awesome people. But we all must admit we have “interesting” folks posting gigs on here. Anyway, just wanted to clarify that.)

So, to come back around to my point, take a deep breath. Do some yoga. Watch an art film. ANYTHING to lower your blood pressure. Yes, people have quit their jobs, purchased vehicles and cars, paid off student loans, all because of their Fiverr income. But remember they worked very hard to do it and most of them took longer than a year to do so. Chances are you will not be buying a house next month or quitting your full time job next week because of your Fiverr income. It’s a nice dream to have, but like with most dreams, it takes hard work. Especially if you are new.

Thanks for reading. Good Luck!

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Guest theinnerverse

As someone who just joined Fiverr, I must say I enjoyed this post. I especially like the advice to do yoga and other relaxing activities since my gigs are health / spirit based 😃

Anyway thanks again and wish me luck

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