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Finally got to Fiverr TOP SELLER. Yay. The Wait was Worth It


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My journey on Fiverr actually began in January 2012, as I was doing a bit of research for the last chapter of my upcoming book on Amazon, "How to Write Website Copy that Doesn’t Stink."

A dear friend of mine told me about hiring a Fiverr freelancer for a book cover.

"What? Five Oh, Five who?"

She said, "Fiverr dot com. It’s a place where you can find really talented people working for $5 bucks or so and you’ll get your book cover done in no time."

Okay, I’m intrigued. I head over to the site and instead of posting a job, I decided to see what all the buzz was about, so I posted my first gig. I’ve done a lot of work in radio production and this was a no-brainer for me. I created a gig about my radio commercials for 30 seconds. Sure, I’ll do one for Five bucks. Why not?

I got a real customer a week later. I delivered it. I got a killer rating / review from the buyer. Woo-hoo! I was hooked.

A few months later, my wife eggs me on and suggests I post a Creative Writing gig on Fiverr. Okay, so I did and then I get a notice from Fiverr boosting me so I can charge more money now on extras. Nice. $20 here. $40 there. I created some Extras and people started paying me more. Instead of the $5 per page of copy, I created packages. My most popular is the ULTRA pack and I’ll do 2 pages of copy and graphics and some suggested tips to improve the site.

I asked Fiverr time and time again to get up to TOP SELLER status and each time, they told me they would hand pick them and keep up the good work.

Okay, so I kept on going. I sort of forgot about ever being a TOP SELLER until two days ago. I got the flashy HTML e-mail and was so surprised to see that I was chosen for a TOP SELLER. I thought it was another email advertising how someone else got to be TOP Seller. When I clicked the link it brought me to my page and my eyes grew 500% bigger (deer in the headlights kind of thing) and my mouth dropped open.

Me? Really? Nice. Sweet! I finally made it.

Now I can charge $50 and $100 gigs. Woo-hoooo! So I added more extras including a $50 extra and a $100 extra. The next day, I received my first ever $145 order.

Having said all of this, I’m obviously thrilled to be here and to have the new status of Fiver TOP Seller is way cool. But let me tell you now how I did it. The formula to success is surprisingly simple, but it takes time and it takes work.

I’ll cover my Secret to Fiver Success in my next post.

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It took me almost three months. I never asked to become Top rated (and I didn’t expect it to happen so soon after hitting level 2).

In hindsight, I think this is what works to become Top rated:

  • offer gigs that are creative (show the editors you have some talent)
  • perform excellent customer care (show the editors you’re planning to stay longterm)
  • get a lot of positive feedback/raving reviews (show the editors people love your services)

    It really is that simple.
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