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For Great Reviews Practice These Tips


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I have read a lot about what one should do to get more sales. Almost every post that you read here would tell you how important it is to stuff your description with the right keywords, how important it is to get the right image, the right title etc etc and basically the list kind of goes on.

Well here is my take on how you can earn superb reviews:

  1. Know the buyer’s requirement in and out:

    More than often people tend to take work they cannot deliver. On Fiverr, to build a great reputation take only that work that you have a complete knowledge on. In addition to this, if you plan to take bulk work make sure that you complete it right on time and without compromising on quality. For this you will need to talk to the buyer in depth and understand his or her requirements and expectations well.

    For Ex: As content writer on Fiverr, I can deliver 15 articles a day. If I already have prior commitments to other buyers then I make sure that I inform the new buyer in advance and discuss terms before he places the order.

  2. Offer Sample On Request:

    It is always good that you offer a sneak peak or a glimpse of what you are capable of. For some of the Gigs such as Logo or website or app designing, the work becomes easy as they can choose the live preview. However for the other like in writing and translation, the buyer will only be convinced if and only if you can provide them with a sample of their choice.

    For Ex: In my line of work, whenever the buyer requests a sample, I make sure I deliver them a sample of 100 words. In this manner they are better able to judge me and the expected work.

  3. Response Time:

    How many times have you seen reviews by buyers on other Gigs that goes like this “The seller communicates well, understands me and replies fast”. Well a fast reply can earn you a great review. This being said make sure that you still maintain all the details of your work.

  4. Keep Buyer In Loop: If your Gig involves a series of steps to be taken before completion, then i suggest that you keep the buyer informed at each and every step. In this manner, the buyer knows how much of the work is done and more importantly minor changes can be addressed along the way. In this way you not only save your time by redoing it from scratch but also save yourself from a bad review.

    Well these 4 points have helped me earn some great reviews on my Gigs and I really hope this helps you too. If you have any ideas of your own do share them.
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