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A new comer [ARCHIVED]


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Well, first you have to create a gig! 🙂

Create a gig where you offer something that you KNOW you can deliver, perhaps something you enjoy doing, like writing articles or something. Whatever you decide to offer, make sure it’s something that people would want to purchase.

You may find taking a look at other successful gigs on Fiverr helpful when trying to create a gig. You know, for some inspiration. 🙂 If someone else is offering something you can do, and you would like to offer the same type of service, try to make your offer a bit better than theirs by offering more for the buyer’s money or a bonus of some sort. This will help you get sales… and it’s not really good to copy other peoples gigs. Certain types of gigs are an exception, of course.

When creating your gig - make sure your Title, Description, and Tags are GOOD!

-The title should be fairly short, clearly tell what you offer, and catch potential buyers eye when in the search amongst all the rest of the gigs!

-The description should be detailed, clear, and “sell” your gig to potential buyers.

-Your tags should include all of the main KEYWORDS in your title and description. Also, try to think of what people would type in the Fiverr search when looking for the service you offer. For example: If you offer to write a 500 word article for their blog, website, etc… some tags may include: WRITE, ARTICLE, BLOG, WEBSITE. You should also try to use up all of your tags, i.e. instead of only having 3 or 4 tags, try to make the maximum amount allowed in the tag space.

Then, add a video to your gig! Either a video of you introducing yourself and what you offer using a webcam or such, OR a simple presentation video with text and photos explaining your gig - l[spam removed] You can make them yourself, or order from someone on Fiverr and have them make you presentation videos for your gigs if you don’t know how. Adding videos REALLY help increase the chance of sales! Also, gigs with videos show up in the “Haz Video” section of the search!

Lastly, start promoting your gig anyway you can! Using social networking sites, forums, blogs, websites, etc.

Then, simply be patient and give your gig time to gain exposure and eventually start getting orders. After about a month or so, if you are getting very little or not getting any sales at all, come back here to the forums and we will check out your gig and see if there are any further tips/corrections we can give you for your gig to maximize sales! 😃

Good luck and I hope this helps! 😉

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