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Sales stopped on Fiverr


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I recently made level one in my first month. I was averaging about one sale every other day. Then, all of a sudden, I haven 't gotten any sales in the last two weeks of my second month. I’ve been in the top 6 when you look up the word “predict” on the recommended gigs page. I have a 97% approval rating. I’m paranoid because my last customer didn’t understand her reading, but I think its because it is still in the future and hasn’t happened yet. She still gave me a positive rating on the public page but behind the scenes she said the opposite. I wondered if the Fiverr staff saw this and decided not to filter leads to me anymore. Most of my customers have been happy. It was strange that the month I got to level one, once I got 10 sales, there was also a lag of about 9 days before I got another sale as I was just waiting for 30 days to be up to be counted at level one in my first month. It was wierd the sales stopped right after my 10th sale before they picked up again to every other day. I was on track to doubling my sales from the first month until I got the two week lag. Strange if they’re still doing the same marketing they always do.

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