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Happy Birthday Fiverr


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Hi guys,

Fiverr’s 3rd birthday is coming up, and we’re getting ready to celebrate!

We’d love for y’all to send in a “Happy Birthday Fiverr” video.

(Community members, who send in a video, will have their names and Gig pages credited)

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. A video of you/ your friends/ random strangers singing Happy Birthday –

    (For those few who aren’t familiar - “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Fiverr, Happy Birthday toooo youuuu”)
  2. Start off by introducing yourself.
  3. End by saying “Happy Birthday Fiverr”.
  4. Try and include your surroundings – consider filming in front of famous local landmarks or your Fiverr work area.
  5. Please send your videos to: kevin.w@Fiverr.com no later than Monday 11th Feb.

    Thanks a lot, and we look forward to sharing your videos with the entire Fiverr community.
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Don’t have video capability yet, but coming soon! So for now I want to wish Fiverr a wonderful 3rd birthday. Hick-ups, yes but that is a part of growing up and Fiverr is awesome! Can’t wait until Fiverr turns 5, now that will be an awesome birthday 🙂

I am new but loving every minute…thanks and congrats!

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Guest lisha5684

Yay Happy birthday Fiverr! I wish I could make a video but I don’t have time because I have too many fiverr orders. So I guess I will just continue to give you 20% birthday presents from every order I get 😉

hehe 🙂

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