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If ou sell only few and recieve indirect amazon ads ? Are they legal?


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am relatively new to fiverr and my gigs don’t sell well. I dont know why, but that is more my own problem. Tips would be great, but fiverr tips are always more general and that won' t help me. Is there a way to work together with overworked fiverr sellers that do have a bit smilar gigs ??? It would be great if that were possible.<br /> <br /> But now the real forum post matter. I i did now receive 2 indirect amazon ads. people want me to post in german positive reviews at amazon for their products. I wont do it and i want to inform people here that these spam mesages do exist. Is there are way to ban these anoying people from fiverr.?? I don`t want to receive these messages. I do hope everytime that i could sell a gig and then this crap …

regards bluedxca93

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