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Featured Gig should be based on popularity too, not just uniqueness


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I requested that my gig http://fiverr.com/mike719/800-real-and-active-twitter-followers be reviewed to become a featured gig because my reviews have been OUTSTANDING and I have been getting up to a dozen orders per day, and always delivering early, 100% rating.

Anyway, I was told that only really unique gigs get featured. With all due respect, I think this is lame. My gig is really popular and my buyers are VERY happy with the results - see the reviews on my gig and you will see for yourself!

I think getting a gig featured should have more to do with popularity and satisfaction of buyers, even if the gig isn’t that unique. (And by the way, my gig IS unique in a subtle but VERY important way that I get REAL and ACTIVE Twitter Followers and not just fake ones! Anyone who has purchased followers before knows this is a big difference and my gig is really unique because of it!)

Anyway, I get lots of sales already and you and I both make money. We could both make more if my gig were to be featured 🙂


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