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Guest celticmoon

People have taken the time to answer you in your other post asking for help, and from looking at your gigs, I can see that you have not changed anything. Most of your gig descriptions have just been copied from other gigs and other places, and you clearly forgot to change the biographical information. If anyone actually reads your gigs, they will realize you are being less than honest, and people don’t want to take a chance spending their money on someone who doesn’t seem to know where she lives or her history. You also don’t seem to be using your own graphics, yet most of your gigs are graphic gigs. Scrupulous buyers will pass right by.

I suggest you use the forum search tool in the upper right corner and look up topics such as how to find buyers, how to optimize gigs, how to promote gigs. Read some of the hundreds of posts already written and apply some of the advice that has already been given to you.

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