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Seeking collaboration with sellers of SEO, Conversion Optimization, usability evals, web design gigs


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Hi, I just saw the great email from Fiverr mentioning the possibility of collaborating with other sellers. I would love to connect with other Fiverr sellers whose gigs relate to any sort of website improvement offerings. For example, evaluations of websites (such as those who provide services like SEO analysis reports with tools like IBP), or any website design improvements, or conversion analysis reporting, etc.

My team has recently created a great tool that gives info like no other website evaluation mechanism, and I’ve found that it really impresses business owners when I show them the output that this tool provides.

It is an online tool that takes a bit of explaining to make it clear, so if you are interested in knowing more about the way this tool operates, and how it might fit into your gig portfolio, give me a private message and I will be glad to explain and possibly provide a demo run for you. In my own gig portfolio, I’ve basically been doing what this tool does manually for the last couple years, and now that I am offering the tool as a service, I recently just made a sale in which I was able to get a great effective hourly rate.



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Hi Steve, I have a gig in which I offer quick fixes for html websites and also one in which I review websites… I guess most of the fiverr users will search to subcontract jobs from someone who has too much work with a short deadline… In which of the two categories are you? Please do let me know if I can help 😉



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