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Anyone feel like giving feedback? Much appreciated :)


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Hi and welcome blogalog_7 🙂

What do you think about the following?

  1. VIDEO

    It would help if you upload a video explaining what you offer. It is said that a video makes Your Gigs 400% more visible in Fiverr search.

    It is necessary to add to Your gig descriptions (and videos) that what you offer is “exclusively on Fiverr for $5”

    Generally, it is said that in sales it is best to use as often as possible the words “You’, ‘Your’ instead of ‘I’, ‘My’.

    I think Your main image would look more professional without the comic style designed woman (on the right) and

    “Please create new gig for additional word count over 200 words” wouldn’t it be more correct to write : Please order more gigs for additional word count over 200 words. (same for your transcript gig). Or something like:

    up to 200 words = 1 GIG

    201-400 words = 2 GIGS

    401-600 words = 3 GIGS and so on.

    I think it is OK. Maybe instead of “Professional person”, use “Professional” (plain)? I am not sure on that. You know best, it is Your professional work and it is not my native language.

    (which is the same as the one in your transcript gig), the background looks to me a bit messy and the part of your dress shown is a bit too casual. You are very sweet and good looking woman and you look like a person one can trust. But maybe for the kind of gigs you offer it would be better to appear in a more official dress code and general style. Also more daylight would help I think.

    *TIP: don’t forget to promote Your gig in teams, forums, your social media outside of Fiverr to bring potential buyers to Your gigs here.

    Hope that helps a bit 🙂

    Wish you all the best with sales on Fiverr!

    P.S. I used the word “Your” and “You” too often to show you by example how Your reader will feel 😉
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Yes I would have to agree the main set back you are making is not having a video. People will mainly only view gigs with video to see how you explain your gig and how personable you can be as well. It doesnt have to be a long vid, 30 sec max to explain the key point is all you need if you dont have a good vid editor wevideo is a free online editor that i use and it is great at creating quality product

If you could have a more professional profile picture for your transcript gig just to convey more of what you do

good luck to you

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