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Block Problem Seller's Gigs from Displaying


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Buyers need to be able to BLOCK certain sellers from displaying when we are looking for a gig to purchase.

I contact sellers in advance to confirm interest in the work I need performed.

I have had many issues with sellers who reply to an advance contact request, say they can do a job, ask for clarification, then drop off the face of the Earth and never reply again.

I want to block these sellers so I don’t see their gigs - so I don’t accidentally attempt to use their services again.

I have also had sellers who I contact in advance, go through all the details of the job and then buy the gigs, only to have the seller then cancel the gig after two days.

I have also worked with sellers who did not perform in the manner I expected. I want to block that seller from appearing whenever I make a search for a gig.

Fiverr doesn’t understand that there is no shortage of SELLERS … but buyers get tired of not being able to weed out the problem sellers.

I have a dozen projects right now than could go to fiverr sellers, but I get so tired of my time being wasted with fiverr sellers.

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You can also try to solve this problem in reverse and save the good sellers to your collection. That way you can easily find them again and if you discover a task force of good workers they are right at your disposal for future orders. Simply click that red heart on their gig page.

You can also try searching your activity for their username. I’m not entirely certain if this is also available for buyers but I know that I can search for a username if I think that I’ve worked with a client before and it will pop up our history of orders and messages, if available. That’s a good way to review past encounters if you don’t remember.

And finally, if you care at all for these suggestions, you could be old fashioned and keep a little journal of your fiverr seller encounters. Organize them in some way that you can easily search through, as it sounds like you do a lot of shopping, and just go back to basics if you’re really having a hard time keeping tabs on sellers.

I do think that this is kind of an interesting idea but I think that there are alternative, more positive ways, to sort your possibilities than completely losing sight of sellers in the system. Perhaps they’ve changed, too?

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Thanks for the comment … However, I think having one checkbox that says “ignore all gigs from this seller” is SUBSTANTIALLY easier than keeping a journal of sellers and sellers experiences. It is FIVERR’s job to make the experience here more fluid … the more frustrating it is for buyers, the more likely we turn to alternate sites and suppliers.

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