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Are sellers experiencing a NEW frustration with the 5-star rating system?


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The 5-star rating system that replaced the old thumbs-up/thumbs-down feedback system has a new problem which has emerged.

It seems that buyers get careless and accidentally click the wrong number of stars. I had three buyers all click 4 stars which effects my rating and when I questioned them about why, they all told me it was a mistake on their part and cannot find the “edit feedback” link since Fiverr hides it.

Honestly, I liked the old thumbs-up/thumbs-down system better. It was simpler and easier for buyers.

Has this happened to anyone?


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I’ve had one mistasefew give me lower stars for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The transactions went perfectly smooth and exactly as promised in the gig description. Then they still write a raving review.

I don’t like the point system at all. Gives people a reason to downgrade you for no reason.

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