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Confuse about my Gigs not showing [ARCHIVED]


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Hello all,
I’ve become a member fiverr and try to make a listing here. In the Manage Gigs says “Active” but every time I look through the search form or check related category, I still can not find my listing. Is there something wrong or should I wait?
I’ve given tags, descriptions and more clear. Gigs I have only seen if I use the keyword “aerovin”.
Does anyone have an experience like mine?

sorry if my bad english and thanks.

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As long as you can find your gig using any keywords I would be satisfied and leave it alone. You have to keep in mind that you are not the only user here, and that you are fairly new. I don’t know what their algorithm is but I’m sure it takes into consideration relevance to words in search, time gig has been listed, user rankings and many other such things. I don’t think it would be fair if your gig showed up before someone that has had a gig active for 2 years lets say. I think you wouldn’t like that if you were the veteran user. So just give it time.

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Guest jayesh_desai

I’m also facing this problem with my new added gig. I will try to find it using the revelant keywords but still it not visible for public and the fact is when i will see my gig status it show me active but not visible for anyone ?

Hope someone guide me properly with this 😦



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Reply to @ultimatebklover: This thread was started in 2013 and some things have changed as well. Some gig types are much less likely to be in search. I think Fiverr uses the phrase “editorial focus” and if a gig type isn’t in that group it may be dropped.

Gigs selling social media likes/followers are often removed from search. Gigs offering Amazon reviews or YouTube views also get dropped easily. Gigs that are up for a long time but have low or no sales can also lower or drop from search.

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