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Hey there

I am a seller but I want your opinion.

You are buyers and I was wondering if you could enter my profile and let me know what you like or dislike in my gigs…

My sales dropped to 0 also no one views my account… Not even a gig… And I wanted to know why…

So I would be grateful if you could take some time… and check it out…


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I was looking at your Photoshop gig, I like the description. Why not create some gigs based on it?

"I will remove WRINKLES from your photos for $5"

"I will within your teeth in photos in 3 days for $5"

And make sure you use keywords from your gig titles as tags. Like the keyword wrinkles, teeth whitening, etc.

A lot of people are using keywords like Photoshop or photo retouching, which is why is hard to show up on the first page, so differentiating yourself while offering the same service can help.

I would also hire a proofreader to fix your gig titles, it’s not:

"I will remove background of pictures 10 photos images for $5"


"I will remove 10 picture backgrounds for $5 in 3 Days"

Why do I mention the time it takes to do a job? Because it improves your sales. Hope this helps, if you think it does, a tip would be appreciated 🙂

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