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How To Get Repeat buyers


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The saying goes that it costs less to keep existing buyers than it does to attract new ones. At fiverr we fully agree and when we talk about cost, we are not just talking about money, we are talking about time too. It takes determination and investment in time for a seller to build up a steady stream of buyers so it makes sense to want to ensure that you keep a stream of repeat work coming your way.

I Elena Jones, who has been providing graphics services through fiver for some time now, decided to put together some tips for you to increase your chances of working with our Buyers on a repeat basis:

  1. Deliver high quality work

    This goes without saying, but delivering high quality work is one of the best ways to ensure that you get repeat business from your buyers. By delivering work to a high standard and delighting your buyers you will begin to build trust and a reputation for being a great writer, designer, website builder, etc… You may even get referrals from it – another great way to build your buyerbase.

  2. Stick to deadlines

    If you tell your buyer that you are going to do something by a certain date or time then make sure you deliver. If something unexpected happens, and we have all had this at one time or another, don’t panic but communicate the situation to your buyeras soon as you can. They will more than likely be understanding and accept the situation and they will appreciate you being up front with them.

  3. Update your buyers regularly

    Some Buyers will want more regular updates than others; the more experienced you become in delivering projects as a seller, the more you will be able to gauge your buyer’s expectations in that area. However, the saying less is more doesn’t apply when it comes to project updates. Don’t go overboard but the more you inform the buyerabout your progress, especially if it’s a long running project, the more reassured they will feel that the result will be something they are pleased with. The more comfortable and confident your buyer feels throughout the project and the happier they are with the results, the more likely they will be to come straight to you when they need another project completing.

  4. Go above and beyond

    If you deliver what you say you will deliver and when, that makes a good seller. If you deliver more than your buyer expects, then that makes a great seller who is more likely to get repeat business. What do I mean by going above and beyond? Well it could be anything from meeting an extremely tight deadline, to offering advice about other parts of a project you are not involved with.

  5. Sometimes a buyerwill mention another aspect of the project I am working on, for example social media, and that they are having difficulties. If I can help I am more than happy to offer a bit of advice to get them started or to help solve a problem.

  6. Build a relationship with your client

    We may be remote workers on fiverr but we can still build relationships with our buyers. Make sure that your communications are pleasant, that you show a real passion for and interest in the buyers project (you will probably feel this way about the project but make sure it comes across in your communication). When the project has finished leave positive feedback – buyers appreciate it just as much as sellers do – and see if there’s anything else you can do to help the buyer at this time.

    Are you a fiverrer who gets a lot of repeat work from your buyers? We’d love to hear what your secrets are.

    If you need ecover, banner, header, logo design vissit www,fiverr.com/ebookcovergrand.


    Elena Jones.
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