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This site is bogus. There is no contact information anywhere. STAY AWAY FROM FIVERR


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Well it’s up to the buyer to check out different gigs, look at feedback and the seller’s reviews, before ordering. Same as you would check out reviews on Amazon of a certain product.

There’s also conflict resolution to get your money back, if it truly goes wrong.

Overall an awesome site once you get used to it. Try it out a bit before leaving negative posts like this 🙂

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This is a rather vague rant. Is there a specific problem you’re having? Perhaps we can help.

Remember to always shop smart and check out several potential sellers (and the feedback) before ordering.

Make sure to check each seller’s queue so you know how long it might be before you get your order.

Contact each seller BEFORE ordering to make sure they can do the work you need. Also ask them how long it will take them to do your work so you know how much time you’re looking at.

Check out each seller’s response time (and location/time zone) so you know how long it might be before you get a response.

There ARE ways to resolve conflicts besides negative feedback. Usually negative feedback is left by buyers that 1) don’t know how the system works, 2) abuse the star system for unnecessary retaliation (like, the seller physically can’t do what they want, so they leave negative feedback/change positive feedback to negative on old orders as sort of payback), 3) are having a bad day, and the seller didn’t put enough unicorns and rainbows in the work, so they throw in a negative, 4) believe that no one “deserves” 5 stars, so they always leave 3 stars or less because “the world isn’t perfect” (and that’s the only reason they have for that), 5) a plethora of other, petty or silly reasons to leave negative feedback.

Some of the things you can do to resolve conflicts as a buyer:

Contact the seller BEFORE ordering to make sure they can do what you need. This will help eliminate conflicts before they have a chance to develop.

Be clear when describing what you need to the seller. Don’t say, “Be creative and have fun” and then get all upset if they don’t meet the invisible laundry list you have in your head. I HATED this when I made book trailers. I always got people telling me to “be creative and have fun” and that they trust me to make something great, but when I give them the video, they act like it’s the end of the world because I “forgot” to add all the stuff they never told me about. If there are certain elements you want, don’t wait to see if the seller comes up with them all on their own. TELL THEM what you want.

READ the ENTIRE gig description so you know what you’re getting into. Different sellers offer different things, and some offer things in the base gig (the $5 gig), while some offer those same things as Extras. It’s just the way things work. DON’T tell a seller, “Well, so-and-so will do your Extra for free, so I shouldn’t have to pay for it.” Great. If “so-and-so” can do that thing for free, then GO TO so-and-so. If you don’t want to go to so-and-so because the seller you’re hiring has better work, then suck it up and PAY FOR IT. Obviously you’re paying for better quality.

Stay in regular contact with the seller. (Just remember that not all sellers can be at the computer 24/7, so BE PATIENT when waiting for a response.) If you think of something else you need done, contact the seller RIGHT AWAY and let them know. Ask if they can do it or if it will cost more. Don’t wait until the gig is delivered, send a big to-do list, and then gripe when the seller says that it will cost more. Stay on top of it.

If you have a problem seller, be polite and try to work with them. If they’re unresponsive or seriously rude or whatever, time to stop communication and go to Customer Support. If it comes down to trying to cancel an order and the seller won’t, again, contact CS and see if they will mediate.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. There are plenty of people doing well on this site. It’s up to you to stay or leave. But if you’re going to stay, try jumping in a little. Don’t come in leaving vague complaints. Tell us what’s going on, and some of us with experience will try to help you. You’ll find negatives in EVERYTHING if you go looking for them. Same with positives. Look for those instead. 😉

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I was skeptical when I first started selling. I immediately withdrew funds to make sure I would receive them. You wonder at first if it really will work? I’m happy to say that 10 months later, it is one of the greatest things I’ve done. 700 jobs completed. Structuring my gigs correctly and using gig extras, I really am able to charge what my time is worth. I have contacted customer service several times and they have been wonderful to work with. Thank you Fiverr!

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As a person with limited resources I have found this site to be extremely helpful. In the 2 weeks of my membership I have utilized resources that I normally would not have access to. Not to mention these resources are reasonably priced. I couldn’t believe that this site could provide such talent at these rates. But it is true. No gimmick. No bogusness about it. You do have to read the gig and all it includes prior to purchase. Most sellers are willing to communicate prior to your purchase to make sure they can provide you with the service you are requesting. If you have experienced an issue with an individual that does not mean the ideal/site in whole is bogus.

I am more than satisfied and now find reasons to buy gigs. Even if i don’t need it. I may be addicted some may say. I go to say FIVERR is the best thing that ever happened to me and my business and look forward to utilizing their infinite pool of talents.

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