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If some buyers could help me on this


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I wanna learn what would put my gig on buyer’s good looks. My services relate to affordable writing of any genre. What would stop me from having some sales? Low volume of orders? Not so unique service?

Honestly I feel my gigs go so underrated and produce such less sales. Do buyers prefer to stick with one set of sellers forever?

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I looked over your ad. I wouldn’t hire you to write an article because I wouldn’t want to have to edit the incorrect grammar.

Your gig description is well written and, except for the phrase “is what my customers like to enjoy.” However, your bio makes it clear that you are not a native English speaker, and suggests/reveals that the article, no matter how thoughtful or insightful,=would need quite a bit of editing.

You write in broken English:

"Am a writer with wide range of knowledge. I have a know how on SEO and internet promotion. I am a skilled business planner as well.Am trying to get a few clients through Fiverr."

I am a native Russian speaker and English is my second language. I know learning it is difficult. I guess that English unlike your native language.

Sounds to me that your native language uses different word order, and when you write you use the native word order and it sounds awkward and unnatural in English.

My suggestion: read well-written books and watch movies, etc to learn how native speakers phrase what they mean.

I hope that helps.

Take care.


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I will have to concur with Olga. Not to sound rude, but your bio looks like it was written by a small child. And in your gig descriptions, while they are of better quality grammatically speaking, there are still some glaring errors to native English speakers. Syntax errors, dropping “a” and “the” and word pluralization are killing you. Since you are selling a writing service this looks bad and that is why people aren’t buying.

Think of it like an overweight guy trying to sell a service as a diet or exercise expert. He may know what he is talking about, but no one is going to hire him.

Do what Olga says, read as many books in English as you can. Harry Potter, anything by Orwell, Tolkien, or Faulkner. Even John Grisham or James Patterson will help you out. If you’re not into that, read your favorite type of non-fiction subject in English. You’ll begin to pick it up.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the feedback olga and slack

I wrote the bio so long ago and yep it sounds funny. I can’t agree more,

Somewhere in some IM forum, someone mentioned something about some negative effects of editing gigs or bio. He said edits could make my gigs lose rankings.

Thus am confused.


P.S I have seen all the H.P and L.O.T.R flicks.

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