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Helpful Guide for new sellers to inspire [ARCHIVED]


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Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by to check out this discussion. This is a helpful guide and maybe even a reminder for some on tips of how to be a better seller on Fiverr.

The first thing you should consider is the awesome platform Fiverr provides for us to sell our sometimes unique services. If you can find meaning in this you
may be able to look at this opportunity as an employer platform, which make us somewhat employees, to an extent. If you were employed to work a 9-5, even if
you weren’t told to, you just know you’re a representation of your employer. I say this to say having the mentality that you’re representing the company you
work for gives you an edge on how to maintain, manage, receive & keep customers.

Tip Two: Customers Service

This is an easy one, sometimes customers can be aggravating, and safe to say
all of thee above, however the customers is “Always Right.” It’s tough to swallow, but remember you have a choice; provide or don’t. If you do decide
one angry customer doesn’t stop a show, be professional and show them you appreciate them. Maybe give them an extra/incentives just because they we’re
an oshole. Surely this will help build a better business relationship with the consumer.

Tip Three: Be Innovative

Never stop improving your services, skills, knowledge, support this is key
because no one is perfect, there’s a couple million gigs on Fiverr I’d estimate, so believe there’s at least a couple thousand sellers looking to gain customers
you couldn’t convert to return buyers.

Tip Four: Market yourself, and promote

After completing an order remind buyers to bookmark your gigs they enjoy, this gives you an extra push & some free promotion. Promotion is key. Don’t want
to exhibit your gigs on your personal social media ? Create a brand just for your business powered by Fiverr, join groups, post on your social media pages. If you want to go a step further, start blogging, join a few forums and spread the word. Squiddo is a good blog to check out. I think I spelled it right.

Tip Five: Be generous and appreciative

Give out a few free gigs to your supporting consumers. They appreciate it and
I’m sure you appreciate the business they bring. It’s okay to be nice sometimes, it goes a long way in the eyes of someone who doesn’t receive handouts often.

Tip Six: Get others involved

Get others involved, introducing people you know to Fiverr as a seller or a
buyer can be great for increasing your business, they may buy from you or simply tell others about Fiverr and include you in the conversation because they got what they wanted and saved a good amount of money getting it. This is more of a life tip I’d say. Remember not who helped you, but that you were helped, so when it comes time for you to help someone else there’s no second guessing. If you sow you shall reap. Both ways…

Tip Seven: Something to remember

F stands for FREEDOM because this platform can be whatever you want it to be.
I stands for INNOVATE because we must always remember to improve & introduce new ideas and services.
V stands for VICTORY because we can spend more time with our families and give focus to enjoying life.
E Stands for ENDURANCE because no fight is won without it.
R Stands for RESPECT because no progress comes without it.
R Stands for ROCKS because when it’s all said and done, Fiverr has given us all a fighting chance.

I may not have covered everything but, I hope you can appreciate my two cents. Now get out there and start selling.

Promo Pushers :)>-

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These tips are a sure fire way to encourage buyers to take advantage of you. Giving free gifts and other incentives to keep buyers happy is the same as dropping the price on your services. It also conditions buyers to haggle with you and - when you don’t behave the way they expect - they’re going to feel betrayed. Or, if you’re keep giving out freebies and discounts, you’re going to work yourself into a hole where your Fiverr paycheck doesn’t equal your Fiverr workday. (Effort =/= Reward) = Burnout

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I agree with you. I’ve had a few experiences where I went above and beyond until realizing free work isn’t doing anyone any favours.

I learned doing exactly what was agreed upon left buyers just as satisfied, if not more! Giving out handouts means the handouts/discounts are always expected.

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Try to use all of your 10 offers on buyer requests, eventually, you will have at least one sale. With time, you will accumulate positive reviews (If you´re good, of course) and your sales will increase.

Never feel discouraged, When I started I had one or two sales per week, and I never thought I would reach level 2. It´s all about perseverance and tenacity.

1 Extra tip: Fiverr will be 10000 times easier if you love what you do 🙂

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